pretty uneventful, but easy

pretty much describes my weekend.
Did a little scrapping and well, just plain being lazy!

It rained most all day Saturday - one of those great steady, gentle summer rains AND it was cooler temperature-wise so I enjoyed just hanging around the house. Alex's horse show was canceled so it was a free day. :)
I love free days...you know when something is canceled and you are under no further obligations. You just do what you want and don't have to give any excuses for it. I hope to have several upcoming free days, as I will be taking some vacation days in the next couple of weeks for the 4th holiday and Alex's State 4H show, so watch for more posts and (hopefully) something insightful HA...and something fun to look at.
{begin sarcastic tone here} This blog is wild I tell you, you just never know what crazy stuff I might do!!! {end sarcastic tone here}

....okay enough of that nonsense....

Friday night we had met up so the kids could practice and ride for their show and I took several fun pictures. Alex decided awhile back that the barrel racing barrels or "cans" should be painted. They were pretty sad and rusted, so she painted them pink and black Friday afternoon:

(don't ya love the star???)
and Miss Molly and
I had a small photoshoot:
I've already printed some of these for a scrapbook page.

Did a page using my firefly in a jar picture and one using another picture I took Friday of Alex & Tracy being their normal adventurous selves.

Will catch up on posting my DB's tomorrow.
I know you may not be able to sleep because you are so excited about that,

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Debee Campos said...

oh goodness i got to see my first fire fly in TN just a couple of weeks ago :) FOR REAL---SO COOL!
and YES i love the pink star. Very very sweet :)

Hope your week is full of fun and blessings