don't worry

about anything, instead pray about everything. Philippians 4:6
That scripture was part of our sermon today at church and one of my fave verses.
I love knowing that God has my back!
I don't have to worry, but dang sometimes I do.

Today, though was a worry free day.
Was it the sermon or the wonderful spirit at church, the hubbub of VBS, or the sun?
I truly don't know,
but I do know God is at work
and even with all the last minute
prep work for VBS
and the District horse show on Tuesday,
oh yeah and work this week,
I'm feeling good.

This afternoon we hit the river for awhile
and I took a few pictures to end a good weekend.

I also took a few at the horseshow yesterday,
but I posted lots of those last weekend,
so I won't bog down my blog with more!

These crazy girls are, well, CRAZY!
This is them offering me these posies they picked in the ditch
somewhere on the way down to the river.

again we have Alex & Tracy .... I'll let you in on a little secret....they really are not going up hill, the ground is flat...Tracy was simply being a goofball!

Here is Alex & Brody playing ball. Okay, well Alex is playing ball, looks like Brody is just watching. But really, he is a lover of fetch. He was just getting use to the water again. (second time swimming remember this one?)
He got pretty good at getting the frisbee upstream.

She got him out in the deeper water but he was none too fond of it.
Here is the hubs just hanging out.
In the background you can see part of where the recent floods ate into the bank.
Father's Day is a week from today so don't forget to do some shopping this week for your fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, husbands, or other special men in your life.

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jeanie oliver said...

HI there,
am in singing school at brockwell this week! wow, one of the things on my bucket list---I got really tired yesterday but i did it.
love the pics that let me know what's going on with you and family