under the weather

That's where I've pretty much been this week.
I hope I'm on the downhill side of this "CRUD" as I affectionately refer to it.

Seriously, where did February disappear to?

I've been feverishly making crochet candy this week for some friends who ordered them.
(Lynne, yours will hopefully go in the mail in the AM - Monday latest)

I'm still enjoying the process and love that other people love them too! 
It makes my heart happy when other enjoy something handmade. :)

Speaking of handmade, I'm seeing tons of DIY tutorials around the internet about adding ruffles to shirts and making ruffle scraves, etc.  Like Disney over at Ruffles and Stuff (I love her name!):
Her tutorials for these and more can be found here.
I don't remember how I found her blog, but it is on my reader and I love her thrifty projects!  

I'm pretty sure I need some ruffles in my life and hope to give it a shot this weekend if I feel any better.  

I'm thinking a little thrifting would definitely make me feel better.  yep, I think so.

okay, so I'm pretty much to the rambling portion of my blog post, so I'll sign off before it gets out-of-hand.

Happy Friday. 



I realize I never posted my self-portrait from week 7 so it's your lucky evening, I'm posting two weeks worth!  (I know it is hard to contain your excitement!)
Last week (week 7)
I used one of actions from Coffee Shop
This week (week 8)
I still consider this a self-portrait because
a.) I'm in the shot, and
b.) I used my remote.  
I don't know if there are any "rules" about that so I am making them up as I go! ;) 
Actually I love how this accidental shot turned out with Angus as the focus.  (is he not the cutest!?)
Both these shots were taken in my bedroom with natural light.

I'm also posting my friend Deltha's selfie for this week because I just love it!

I may have to lift that idea at some point!



Buttons & Candy!

This was what I played with one night last week.
Is it weird that I play with buttons?

nevermind, don't answer that!

My great great "prend" Judy delivered me an extra fun bag last week from her Mom June,
You might remember June from our Mother-Daughter Christmas get together.
Judy and June

Anyway, June knows I love to craft and she had told me that she had a bunch of buttons she was going to send me. You know those little baggies and packages of extra buttons that come with garments? Yes, those are the buttons she sent me. And you can tell from this photos that June is one snappy dresser...so you know those buttons are fabulous!

So I spent that night last week opening up those little baggies and packages and looking at and fondling all my new little button treasures!

June also sent me a huge bag of broken and old jewelry!
I have not played with that much yet, but trust me I will be playing soon!

Is it weird to play with jewe .....um, never mind!

One of those cute buttons has already shown up on a piece of my Crochet Candy.
crochet candy

Can you spy it?
It's that cool beaded one.

Speaking of Crochet Candy...that name just kind of popped in my head to call these.
I thought it was clever!

Anyway I cannot keep up with production at this point, but if you are interested I'm selling them for five bucks, seven for the cotton ones. These have pin backs but I had thought about the possibility of barrettes for little girls (or little girls at heart!) :)


Ima doofus

...for so many reasons, but today mainly because I realize I've spent all this time on my little "blog makeover" and never went back to fix some of pages I made.

You'll notice right below my banner that I have new static pages with much of the information that I had before on the side.  This is nice because it allows a little more flexibility.  I hope to keep these pages updated and current, but right off I realize I never even linked my Etsy...upon further investigation I realized that I have not even updated my Etsy since Christmas!    GEEZ.

See, Ima doofus!

Here is one of the customized Country Text frames that I did for a lady around Christmas.  I love these with the barnwood frames.  
(nevermind my reflection or the plastic wrapped around the frame for protection)

I also have not been a very faithful blogger lately.

Yet again: doofus!

I hope to get some of this remedied this weekend.

Meantime, how do you feel about the new Google produce: Google Buzz?
Jury is still out for me on this.  I have Twitter and Facebook and am not quite sure I can reprogram myself at this point.


work in progress

Just letting you know I have done some of my blog changes but still have more to make!

Added pages under my banner and plan to clean up my sidebar over there.

off to eat some din-din.
Parmesan Chicken - garlic bread and peach cobbler made by Alex! 


Happy Valentine's Day

From me to you!

52-6 outtake

My last outtake from last week! (Thank Goodness!)


breaking it down for ya fellas

Okay, sorry for that 90's throwback title.  I am singing Young MC's Bust a Move in my head now.
And now, so are you!

Part of the reason for choosing to do self portraits once a week this year was to somehow challenge myself creatively and in my photo skillz skills (sorry another old throwback) and I am telling you after week 6 I have done both!  In fact, I try to think about some ideas through the week and scour flickr and other fun blogs and visual sites for new ideas. 

After this past Sunday afternoon's little "session" with myself (which is still a little weird I must admit) I had several images that I narrowed down to - I've already posted one of my outtakes this week and now I share with you another:

52-6 outtake

Now, there are several things I want to point out about this photo.

#1 Good Grief at the crow's feet! I didn't realize how bad those were until I started this undertaking. I'm okay with it though. I think it adds character. (I know I know, I'll keep telling myself that!)

#2 It's flipping hard to get focused at a wide open aperture when you are taking selfies. I wanted to have a short depth of field and focus on my "heart-hands" for these pics, but as you can see, my camera obviously didn't agree and focused on my face instead. (refer to #1 about those crow's feet).  :\

#3 If I'm going to use a sheet as a neutral backdrop, I might consider taking an iron to it.

#4 I need to train my right side pinky to bend.
(Okay, so that's getting a little picky but my point is when one is looking at pictures of oneself, one becomes painfully critical.)

Which gets me to the "break down" part of this rambling post:
A surprising part of this challenge that I never ever thought would happen is becoming more comfortable in my own skin!

That part is actually pretty cool.

It's becoming a little more about my self-esteem and self-confidence.
That's not to say that 99% of the pictures I take each week still won't get an "eeeww" then the big delete key, but it's getting a little more tolerable.

Try it sometime.  
and don't just stand there, bust a move!  


smiles for V-Day

These images made me smile today.
Enjoy :)

These are all from weheartit...an eye-inspiring site I first learned about from Elsie.
 Caution!!!!!  If you go there, prepare to spend some time! 


That is the prompt from Feb. 1st over at A Year in the Life of an Art Journal
I finally did my entry and I must say I absolutely love how it turned out!!!!

I used paper, a doily, some scrapped crochet pieces, and punched dots of foam to form my letters for HOPE.


I love art journaling.
art journal

art journal detail

art journal detail

There are two scriptures included in this page.

One from Romans-
But if we hope for what is still unseen by us, we wait for it with patience and composure. Romans 8:25

and Psalm-
But I will hope continually, and will praise You yet more and more. Psalm 71: 14

Next prompt will be up on the 15th....and I for one look so forward to it!

Thanks for your feedback on my flowers.
I will definitely take them all to heart. :)


Snowto Shoot

Alex wanted new pics for Facebook, so of course I obliged - props and all!

Snowto Shoot

Snowto Shoot

Snowto Shoot

Snowto Shoot

This is my fave:
Snowto Shoot
Snowto Shoot

I am sure there will be more today....with her friend Sami!

The sun is shining brightly today but it is cold as a witch's t....um never mind. It's cold!

Another snow day today, so I'm eating pretzels and needing a shower.

Oh, and see the crocheted flowers in those pics?
Would you buy one of those and if so, would you rather buy the flower by itself or already attached to a hat/headband/scarf/gloves?
You're not locked in mind you....I'm just doing a little market research.

I love me some market research! :)


Snow Day

It is coming down out there - CRAZY!!!!

I'm hanging out with my art journal - completing my Feb. 1 prompt from Artful Amblings over at A Year in the Life
The prompt is HOPE and I am loving how my page is turning out.
(pics will follow later)

Meantime, here is an out-take from my Week 6 Selfie:
self portrait outtake

(please take note of my awesome Yellow Box boots that I got for 75% off! - I do love me a good bargain!!!)

Alex and I had a little "Snowto" shoot today so I'll post some of my faves later.


week 6

So I have made it through six weeks of self portraits now.
The question is can I make through 46 more?

This week I wanted to incorporate some Valentine hints since V-Day is next Sunday.

It wasn't easy, I'll just tell you!
Here is the one I went with....the cliche "heart made with your hands" shot.

I have some other outtakes that I'll share throughout the week.

I've been working on my blog some this weekend (you may notice a few minor changes), but have not published the bigger changes yet.
Thought I'd wait and do it all at once.

You know, like a big roll out!
I'm sure you'll be waiting on the edge of your seats for that! ;)

Watching the Superbowl.
Could honestly care less, but I enjoy the ads and if I don't watch I'll be out of the loop around the water cooler.


hello my poor neglected blog

Once again I have been a bad blog-momma and totally neglected you this week.
So sorry.
This week has been filled with the blahs.
melting snow and mud and muck
rain - which makes more mud and muck
gray and cold
I'm in that SAD frame of mind and am so ready for some sunshine and warmer temps.
Our snow is almost melted but I did take more pics last weekend, along with my fifth self-portrait-
Sunday morning wonderland

Sunday morning wonderland

Sunday morning wonderland

Sunday morning wonderland


I am thinking a blog makeover might help.
might work on that today along with my art journal prompt.