breaking it down for ya fellas

Okay, sorry for that 90's throwback title.  I am singing Young MC's Bust a Move in my head now.
And now, so are you!

Part of the reason for choosing to do self portraits once a week this year was to somehow challenge myself creatively and in my photo skillz skills (sorry another old throwback) and I am telling you after week 6 I have done both!  In fact, I try to think about some ideas through the week and scour flickr and other fun blogs and visual sites for new ideas. 

After this past Sunday afternoon's little "session" with myself (which is still a little weird I must admit) I had several images that I narrowed down to - I've already posted one of my outtakes this week and now I share with you another:

52-6 outtake

Now, there are several things I want to point out about this photo.

#1 Good Grief at the crow's feet! I didn't realize how bad those were until I started this undertaking. I'm okay with it though. I think it adds character. (I know I know, I'll keep telling myself that!)

#2 It's flipping hard to get focused at a wide open aperture when you are taking selfies. I wanted to have a short depth of field and focus on my "heart-hands" for these pics, but as you can see, my camera obviously didn't agree and focused on my face instead. (refer to #1 about those crow's feet).  :\

#3 If I'm going to use a sheet as a neutral backdrop, I might consider taking an iron to it.

#4 I need to train my right side pinky to bend.
(Okay, so that's getting a little picky but my point is when one is looking at pictures of oneself, one becomes painfully critical.)

Which gets me to the "break down" part of this rambling post:
A surprising part of this challenge that I never ever thought would happen is becoming more comfortable in my own skin!

That part is actually pretty cool.

It's becoming a little more about my self-esteem and self-confidence.
That's not to say that 99% of the pictures I take each week still won't get an "eeeww" then the big delete key, but it's getting a little more tolerable.

Try it sometime.  
and don't just stand there, bust a move!  


deana said...

The ironing comment made me laugh out loud. Isn't ironing one boring job? :-(

I think you look GREAT! If you don't have a little "character" at 40, you're probably paying good money for it! LOL! :-)

mandiegirl said...

Can I just say that this is my fave post of yours? You're so cute. For realz. ;)

Jen said...

thx, now i will be singing that song all day long...lol.
the sheet adds texture and interstingness.
and you look GREAT! your pics are always so fun, young and cute! :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

crows feet or not....u are one hot chick!!! and hehehehehehehe....i haven't ironed in OVER 12 years....i learned a trick....buy the $1 store brand of febreeze.....spray on what's wrinkled (well except for our crows feet...lol...!!!!) and brush the wrinkles out with your hand....let dry and ahem....no more wrinkles....loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee that stuff! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

sarah said...

hehehe... inspiring post, my friend! :) your character really shines thru in this one! :)

and yeah i agree, bust a move when it comes to pictures! hehe.

have a lovey dovey weekend!


Karla Rush said...

would have never noticed the pinky if you hadn't mentioned it....i think it makes you unique.