Week 39

A quick shot before leaving for church - it had rained and was considerably cooler. 
Felt like the real first day of Fall.
I have mixed feelings about this.  
I have a love/hate relationship with Fall...

Love the actual Fall.
Hate what comes after.
(well, maybe hate is a strong word, but I very much dislike the gray days of winter.)

I will take lots of days like today though.
In related news, we had our first pot of chili tonight! 
I do look forward to soups and chilis. :)


Week 38

Had to do it!
See no evil, hear no evil, and of course speak no evil! 

I am hoping to catch up on my favorite blogs - I am missing all of you and missing all the inspiration...I've just let my blog reader get completely out of control and when that happens, it makes my feel guilty and then I continue to let it grow out-of-control. Why do we let guilt creep in on us over the small things!?  GEEZ

I am crafting and hope to update my Etsy shop soon with some new fun goodies.


A wee bit behind: Weeks 36 and 37

Sorry for the lack of activity the last few days...I've had some personal stuff going on and have just been preoccupied.

I do want to get the last two weeks of my 52 week project posted for posterity's sake.

Week 36

I am obviously totally inspired by Kara - this shirt features her lovely *pun intended* handwriting and I had been inspired by another post from her blog a few weeks ago with my fresh out of the shower, no make-up look.

(shirt can be purchased here: the lovely along with some other lovely items.)

Week 37 

I lost my Aunt Kathi (my mom's oldest sister) on Friday night - I was actually with her when she passed away and I will probably blog about it sometime, but for now, I will say she is now cancer free and living the good life...the eternal life...with God in Heaven.  

This week's photo is my tribute to her....she was an artist and has always encouraged my creativeness. For that I am thankful!  The camo headwrap was fabric I had gotten to make her some cancer caps.  She loves to hunt so this was perfect for her.  She loved nature and the outdoors, so this was done outside.  More than anything though, she loved her family and the Lord. 

She will be greatly missed and I feel so blessed that she was such a huge impact in my life.


Hello gray greasy hairs

Why do I post pictures of the top of my head after a two mile run and entire day of hair products AND showing my age through all those stray gray hairs?  

Because I simply had to share this fun little creation I made.  

Gotta love vintage fabric made into swell hair accessories, no?

(note to self: consider picking up a bottle of Clairol).


Oh Sheet!

I love clean sheets, don't you?
In fact, if money was no object and I could pick one frivolous thing to do it would be fresh, clean sheets every day!

I have a new obsession with sheets...vintage and retro sheets.

I bought four great sets from a friend's yard sale. I have found oddballs at thrift stores and various yard sales. 

don't worry, I immediately wash them...the whole bedbug thing is sort of freaking me out!

How awesome are these all stacked up together?  

The colors!

The pretty florals

The wonderful stripes

The crisp, worn cotton

I'm on a quest for more.  

Why you ask?

Because I plan on making one of these lovely ruffly quilt. 
It will be my winter project and my goal is to make one in a queen size for my bed.
(I know, tis a lofty goal!)

{photo credits: Haworth Handmade}

Isn't it delightful???!!!  

I purchased the pattern on Etsy.  It's a pdf and very detailed and easy to follow.  
Get yours here from Haworth Handmade.

What are your latest crafty/vintage obsessions??

PS for my local readers...have any of these - any size - you want to get rid of? 
Email me: kwhitten at gmail dot com and let's make a deal.
The brighter, gaudier, and crazier looking the better!


Hey Jude!

Wanted to share some shots from a sweet little boy who recently turned 1 and whose name is Jude!  He has super cool parents who I enjoyed because they had such cool ideas for Jude to capture this milestone in his life. 

For example:

The faux-hawk

The groovy yellow, argyle suit. complete with seersucker! :)

Playing with toys in a cool retro shirt:

In a Darth Vader shirt (because of their love of all things Star Wars):

Of course, you gotta have the shades!

And he even let big sis, Penelope in on the action.

What a delightful and fun family to work with!


Mandie! Gussy! Giveaway! Oh My!

What do you get when you combine two awesome chicks, freestyle ruffles, and a blog?

A giveaway! That's what.

Go to my dear friend, Mandie's blog and enter to win a $30 credit to Maggie's awesome Gussy shop. How much better could it get?

Hurry, the deadline to enter is Sunday at 10PM!http://maggiewhitley.bigcartel.com/


It's about the Shoes!

The following text belongs
to this award:
“The world of blogging is amazing.
Through blogging I made friends
of places I never heard of before.
I experienced kindness and caring.
I hope my blog friends will pass
this award to only three caring
and kind people from anywhere
who touched your heart.”

How cool that I got an award with shoes!  Not just any old shoes though...red wooden polka dotted shoes!!! ;)

l was excited to see my name over at Marit's blog.  So cool to "meet" people online with similar interests out of all the bazillion people in the world, but even cooler to reacquaint after losing them in the hubbub of the world wide web!  So glad to reconnect Marit. :)

I will now pass this along to some of my most faithful blog friends.

Mandie She just rocks! She has become a true friend that I cherish as a blessing from God. She is seriously a gem... and even though we have never met face-to-face, I know someday we will!  :) 

Julie. wow, this woman is amazing...I honestly think maybe she is two people. :)  She has more energy than all get out!  She is the queen of smilies and can scrapbook like none other. She is always positive and just makes me happy. :)

Deana. What a doll. She is the most adorable and talented thing! Another one who amazes me with her energy.  PLUS, she is quite the fashion-plate and has awesome taste in shoes!  You can't go wrong with good shoes. ;)

There are many others who I could go on and on about...seriously, it is awesome to connect to people who have similar interests and passions.  I probably take that for granted, but I do appreciate all the wonderful blog friends I've made!

And since this award is based around shoes and Deana is the shoe queen, I leave you with one of my favorite pictures of the over 1400 I took at a wedding on Saturday:


Back in the Proverbial ATC saddle

So I was so excited to see some of the old familiar faces back in the ATC beeswax again.

Angie, - if you were ever over at SIStv, you will remember Angie, aka Hulhen (tee hee), has started a groovy site called Simply ArTiStic!  The concept is 'like whoa' cool!  Two ATC's a month for four months based around a particular theme.  There are prompts given on the 1st and 15th and then when you upload your card to the gallery you are automatically participating in a swap for that card.  I loved the ATC swaps at SIS and have some great little pieces of art because of it.  Plus doing a couple of ATC's a month is so doable!  I am actually making two, one to swap and one to keep for my set.

She has some other familiar SISters who joined her on the design team and I am happy yet sad.  Happy because I made an ATC again and participated in the first swap. Sad because I missed the dang deadline yesterday so I didn't get in on the second one.
Here is my first card:

Here is the card I received from Joanne Nishimitsu in the mail yesterday:

Thought it was nifty we both used mushrooms in our cards. 

The first theme is Wonderland and is based on Alice in Wonderland. Cool, eh?

I just wanted to give it a little shout out in case anyone wanted to get in on the 3rd ATC.  The new prompt is up.  I plan to participate and not miss the deadline this time.