Back in the Proverbial ATC saddle

So I was so excited to see some of the old familiar faces back in the ATC beeswax again.

Angie, - if you were ever over at SIStv, you will remember Angie, aka Hulhen (tee hee), has started a groovy site called Simply ArTiStic!  The concept is 'like whoa' cool!  Two ATC's a month for four months based around a particular theme.  There are prompts given on the 1st and 15th and then when you upload your card to the gallery you are automatically participating in a swap for that card.  I loved the ATC swaps at SIS and have some great little pieces of art because of it.  Plus doing a couple of ATC's a month is so doable!  I am actually making two, one to swap and one to keep for my set.

She has some other familiar SISters who joined her on the design team and I am happy yet sad.  Happy because I made an ATC again and participated in the first swap. Sad because I missed the dang deadline yesterday so I didn't get in on the second one.
Here is my first card:

Here is the card I received from Joanne Nishimitsu in the mail yesterday:

Thought it was nifty we both used mushrooms in our cards. 

The first theme is Wonderland and is based on Alice in Wonderland. Cool, eh?

I just wanted to give it a little shout out in case anyone wanted to get in on the 3rd ATC.  The new prompt is up.  I plan to participate and not miss the deadline this time.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are AWESOME! :):):):):):):):)

Bekka said...

Love your ATCs!

kim c said...

yay! i'm so glad you posted this. i was in a few sis swaps so i'll be checking Artistic out. Thanks for the share and lovin' the ATC. happy dance.

ncwdust said...

So inspiring. I wish I had part of your creativity. :-)