pretty uneventful, but easy

pretty much describes my weekend.
Did a little scrapping and well, just plain being lazy!

It rained most all day Saturday - one of those great steady, gentle summer rains AND it was cooler temperature-wise so I enjoyed just hanging around the house. Alex's horse show was canceled so it was a free day. :)
I love free days...you know when something is canceled and you are under no further obligations. You just do what you want and don't have to give any excuses for it. I hope to have several upcoming free days, as I will be taking some vacation days in the next couple of weeks for the 4th holiday and Alex's State 4H show, so watch for more posts and (hopefully) something insightful HA...and something fun to look at.
{begin sarcastic tone here} This blog is wild I tell you, you just never know what crazy stuff I might do!!! {end sarcastic tone here}

....okay enough of that nonsense....

Friday night we had met up so the kids could practice and ride for their show and I took several fun pictures. Alex decided awhile back that the barrel racing barrels or "cans" should be painted. They were pretty sad and rusted, so she painted them pink and black Friday afternoon:

(don't ya love the star???)
and Miss Molly and
I had a small photoshoot:
I've already printed some of these for a scrapbook page.

Did a page using my firefly in a jar picture and one using another picture I took Friday of Alex & Tracy being their normal adventurous selves.

Will catch up on posting my DB's tomorrow.
I know you may not be able to sleep because you are so excited about that,


quick random post

Just a few pictures from the last couple of days - new lens and all!

a little explanation here: I decided it would be tres cool to capture some lightening bugs or as some call them, fireflys and put them in a jar and photograph them. I put my camera on a super slow speed and tried it. I actually love the way it turned out. I was wanting more of the little glowing dudes for my experiment, but I could only capture two.
Yes, I looked like a big goofball doing that one! If you don't believe it, ask my hubs...he was cracking up and warned that if someone saw me and didn't know what I was doing, they might try to "put me away."
Anyway, I didn't realize Alex was out there catching some too, so I should have waited just a little longer and I would have had a jar full of lightening bugs.
I may try this again one evening.

This is Alex and her CRAZY goat! Seriously the goat is nutso!
She will be attempting to show him at the county fair
- or he may
show her, we'll see.

some of my flowers that are in full swing right now.
lovely, yes?
and finally we have Ben. Cody & Amy's young red heeler pup.
He is quite photogenic I think.
I took several of him but I just love his expression here.
He is very sweet.
Off work today - slept in till around 9ish.
I will probably make a jaunt over to see my cousin, aunt, and granny.
love visiting with that crew.

signing off for now.


DB's and my new arrival

Received my new lens yesterday in the mail.
boy was I excited. I've been crazy playing with it.

I got the Canon 50mm f1.8.
I know, I should have spent the extra and sprang for the 1.4, but I think this will meet my needs for now, plus I want to save for
Aaaahhhh, let's pause for a moment please..........


so I will wait.

On to the daily blessings in my life:
of course the new lens was at the top of the DB list yesterday....love Happy Mail! Okay, so there were a few bills mixed in there too, but who cares when you have camera love.
Today my boss friend and I had a meeting in Batesville and we ate at Elizabeth's downtown...YUM-O. I had a tropical chicken salad that was plated on a pineapple quarter and a pile of fresh fruit. I love fruit in the blazing heat of summer and it was blazing hot today, I can assure!

Okay, shower and bed.
More goodness tomorrow hopefullly.


quick DB* post

yes another acronym....*DB=Daily Blessing.
Anyway here is what I'm feeling blessed with the past few days...now keep in mind this is not ALL I'm blessed with by any means, just something to keep me focused on the positive.
Isn't there enough negative in the world?

Okay, now that last one - the one for today - well, that was inspired by this girl, Jodie. She is doing a little yummy giveaway on her blog of some of her handmade buttons and some other great stuff. Check out her etsy shop, KittyRobot. (cute name isn't it!?)

Alright, brief, yes, but sleepy I am so....made it through Monday...Yay!


river fun today

Went to the river today to relax, get away and get some much needed sunshine!

Alex's friend, Colby (she horseshows with us) came up for the weekend and was with us. I had them climb up on the river bank (what riverbank didn't wash away during the flooding earlier this spring) and took some fun shots of them.

Hence the Charlie's Angels shot left and the "show me your muscle" shot below. That Colby is a ham and loves the camera! Alex just humors me mostly.

Guess who else got to go to the river today????

You guessed it, Angus!

He is no lover of the water,
but he got wet anyway
and of course had to do some rooting in the sandy dirt.
I love this shot of him with his nose covered.
He is saying, "Mom, please don't be mad!"

What a turkey!

Alex got him out in the river with her on the lawnchair and he was content, but not the happiest camper by any means.

Okay, let me just add...for the record. I took this last shot right before taking a fall and sacrificing my knees for the sake of my XTI!
It makes me sick to my stomach to even think about how close I was to dunking my wonderful little Canon companion.

seriously sick.
I was being so careful too!
I'm just clutzey (is that a word?)
I cannot help my lack of grace.

Brody went too, he wanted to play frisbee the entire time...he loves, loves, LOVES to play frisbee. He also likes to drop the frisbee in the water. He has no clue that someone has to chase the frisbee down the river!

more dailies and my WIP*

*WIP=work in progress.
I'm just feeling so hip using acronyms, KWIM???

Here are my daily blessings for the last couple of days:
The one from today (6/20) was done with masking tape layers and paint, a la Bible School...c'mon I know you did something similar at some point. We actually did some this year at VBS for the young artists, only we used crayons instead of paint....do you think I'm crazy? never mind...

the next few pics are from a little summertime journal I'm working on, hence the WIP....I had gotten the idea a couple of months ago from this cool, crafty chicklet and this utterly radical artiste. Both do many fun little journals and use found stuff...magazine and catalog pages and other random tidbits. They also work over here at TAIF (the art is found) and the prompt this time is to use catalog/magazine images. Perfect for my little WIP journal, don't ya think?

I won't bog down blogger with all the images, but I thought I would post some of my faves. I have not bound the journal together yet as I may have more additions. I mean it is a WIP, ya know.

Here is the back cover...don't you just love teepee's???? I remember wishing I had a teepee when I was a little girl. I don't what it is about them, I guess the cool shape, but I still wouldn't mind having one! ;)

I love this camp scene (with or without the teepee) and I miss camping. We used to camp a lot, but dang it is such a hassle anymore. It's almost not worth the trouble, but if I could wiggle my nose and be laying in this lounger, I would love it.


daily blessings so far

I really want to start posting these again since I'm doing them again!

This week's events include my 13 year anniversary married to my hubs.

The weather has been awesome...no humidity and perfect temp.

Not much else to post, but I'm feeling crafty so I hope to post some fun scrappiness later this week.


My Funky Sweet Win

I know I mentioned in a previous post about how extremely excited I was to win a little giveaway from Funky Finds. Guess what? I received my little giveaway in the mail yesterday and little it was not!!!! I knew I had won one of the monthly kits from Sweet Spuds AND I knew Sweet Spuds was a very popular monthly scrapbooking kit clubs that usually sells out because scrapbookers want their stuff, and now I know why!!!
Check it out:
This kit is like overflowing with great stuff. SERIOUSLY! Lots of great new Hambly, some of the new Sassafrass Lass papers, Holly McCaig's Pink Paislee, Cosmo Cricket stickers, and major coolness....woodgrain shelf paper!!!!

I'm not much on putting a bunch of advertising on a blog, but I am adding a Funky Finds banner to my blog and I want to encourage anyone who is looking for something unique in crafting, jewelry, for their pets, or other great little gift ideas, go check out Jessica's great blog- she really does come up with nifty, funky finds!

And any scrapbookers or interested in beginning to scrapbook???? Go seek out your own Sweet Spuds kit! A kit is an awesome way to get some materials to scrapbook because everything coordinates and it will go a long way. I think I had at least 14 full 12x12 pieces of patterned paper in this kit. Did I mention that when I went to the Sweet Spuds site I also found out that one of my favorite chicks was their guest designer??? no? Well, I'm mentioning it now...Ms. Kim Brimhall is just awesome! I mean, Hello...her name is Kim she has to be cool right? :) Check out her Sweet Spuds gallery and her beautiful blog.

Okay, well, I've rambled on long enough, but I was so tickled to get some happy mail...granted there were some bills in the mix, but this awesome box of scrappy goodness more than made up for it!

OH, I have to mention this wonderful piece of info:

I have been doing my daily blessing cards again, but have honestly not had the time to post this this week...I'll try to do that in the next few days, but I did want to add my June 12th DB card here, because it was a very special day of being blessed. Remember the Seven post from June 11th and the celebration of Joe's birthday? Well June 12, 2008 will be another birthday for Joe: the day he was born again in Christ Jesus! What a cool thing to happen the day after your seventh birthday, don't you think?

He will be baptized on Sunday. WOW, great things are happening all around and prayers are being answered.

Happy Saturday.



To stretch out in order to feel or touch something.
Cheated a little, this is one from early spring, but I love these old trees reaching up toward the blue sky. This is down on my family's farm right on the Piney Creek.

speaking of reaching, I have to reach deep inside for some motivation to get going today. I simply want to be lazy, but need to get up and out to get some schtuff done!

happy friday!



Drip: To let small drops of liquid fall. Show us 'drip' in your space today.
These kids at VBS tonight were awesome - even with water!



This kid is seven today and more mature than most 27 57 year olds.
He is truly a most spiritual, most sensitive, most sweet seven year old and I love him dearly. He is my little cousin Joe Rex.

He is destined for greatness.


trapped & track

finally posted something from my space!

check it

To be captured or help with no way out. Find something 'trapped' in your space today.

(also playing around with some cross process B&W actions I downloaded from deviantart)

A road beaten through the wilderness. Find a track in your space today.

off to a horseshow today...I'm sure there will be pictures!


don't worry

about anything, instead pray about everything. Philippians 4:6
That scripture was part of our sermon today at church and one of my fave verses.
I love knowing that God has my back!
I don't have to worry, but dang sometimes I do.

Today, though was a worry free day.
Was it the sermon or the wonderful spirit at church, the hubbub of VBS, or the sun?
I truly don't know,
but I do know God is at work
and even with all the last minute
prep work for VBS
and the District horse show on Tuesday,
oh yeah and work this week,
I'm feeling good.

This afternoon we hit the river for awhile
and I took a few pictures to end a good weekend.

I also took a few at the horseshow yesterday,
but I posted lots of those last weekend,
so I won't bog down my blog with more!

These crazy girls are, well, CRAZY!
This is them offering me these posies they picked in the ditch
somewhere on the way down to the river.

again we have Alex & Tracy .... I'll let you in on a little secret....they really are not going up hill, the ground is flat...Tracy was simply being a goofball!

Here is Alex & Brody playing ball. Okay, well Alex is playing ball, looks like Brody is just watching. But really, he is a lover of fetch. He was just getting use to the water again. (second time swimming remember this one?)
He got pretty good at getting the frisbee upstream.

She got him out in the deeper water but he was none too fond of it.
Here is the hubs just hanging out.
In the background you can see part of where the recent floods ate into the bank.
Father's Day is a week from today so don't forget to do some shopping this week for your fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, husbands, or other special men in your life.


the answer my friend...

is blowing in the wind.
What a great feeling to have a nice breeze blowing in your beard and moustache.
If you don't believe it, just check Angus out.
He has it all figured out. Enjoy the breeze every chance you get.

A productive day off today. Got everything set up and a final list made for the crafts class I'm leading at VBS.
Felt so much better after getting everything out, gone through, and decided upon as far as our week's schedule. So glad Joyce is helping me. She is so easy to work with and is so wise about bible school.
Everything is coming together for Outrigger Island and with the luau tomorrow evening, which sadly I will miss, I just pray that the Lord will work in our community and we can help some of the young (and old) kids to know there is a better way and that God can give them the answers they may need.
Please be in prayer for our VBS next week and all VBS's taking place around the
world. I venture to think it is one of the single best missions our church's have to reach people in our communities.
Came home from the church and we took a ride with the dogs and my camera (thus the blowing in the wind shot) and this one of the beautiful green trees & pasture while we were watering Girlfriend (my hateful most loving horse).

lots more going on this weekend...stay tuned.



who knew blueberry and pomegranate would taste so good together!

Just sitting on the back port this evening with my Jones Soda on ice and a nice small breeze. thinking, "huh, I just got home about 30 minutes ago and still need to prepare some form of supper - taco salad is on the menu - and somehow do a couple of things around the house before getting ready to go to bed and do it again tomorrow.
These ten hour days are killers, come tomorrow evening at this time, I'm looking at another three day weekend...got to love it!
Is it worth it? Yes, I love having that extra day to play, clean, or go somewhere.
ohhh nice breeze just blew by...

back to the title of this post: refreshing!

I have never had one of these Jones Sodas (yes, I know I'm way behind, I'm reminded of that every day by a 16 year old!) but Wally World had some on clearance so I bought a couple of the eight packs: this twisted blueberry/pom and a Kiwi...just kiwi, not kiwi strawberry...strange huh?
Now, I'm questioning myself if it is a good idea to purchase consumables on clearance?
I am sure they are fine, but I begin wondering...why are they on sale?
Anway, this one is dandy, but I'll wait to try the kiwi, I don't need sugar overload tonight.

IF you know of other Jones flavors that you would recommend, let me know.
I might even buy some full price....GASP!!!


FINALLY complete

give me a big old internet high five please!

the blue outfits are complete!{notice Alex's genuine smile above}
that is exactly how I feel inside with these projects done!

this next one needs a little 'splainin': Here is Molly in the process of giving her persimmon look! We all try to coach her into "smiling at the judge" and "giving a queen smile" and all those phrases you use on kids to get them to smile on command. Of course this one has a comeback of the persimmon look! It is hilarious! this child seriously cracks me up. I'm just happy to be done with show outfits for awhile and now I can simply sit back with my camera and enjoy the beauty of them on these most beautiful chickies!

in other new business...(can you tell I was in a meeting today?)...I have been missing doing the herspace/myspace photog challenge, but I truly have grand intentions of catching up, both on doing the challenge, AND checking everyone else's space.

also interested in my discovery of Twitter- it is an interesting concept and although I could not see the fascination at first, I was intrigued, signed up, and am quickly becoming addicted to the simplicity of it.

ETA: I cannot believe I didn't mention in this post that I won something!!!
I won one of the
Funky Finds May contests.

YAY me!
Sweet Spuds kit.
So excited as I've never gotten their kits before & this one looks divine.

I love to be a winner!

Funky Finds is great and I recommend them for...well....funky finds all over the internet. They have lots of Etsy and it's not ALL scrapbooking stuff.
There's lots of funky jewelry, funky clothing, funky pet stuff and various and sundry other funky stuff.

go there really.