quick DB* post

yes another acronym....*DB=Daily Blessing.
Anyway here is what I'm feeling blessed with the past few days...now keep in mind this is not ALL I'm blessed with by any means, just something to keep me focused on the positive.
Isn't there enough negative in the world?

Okay, now that last one - the one for today - well, that was inspired by this girl, Jodie. She is doing a little yummy giveaway on her blog of some of her handmade buttons and some other great stuff. Check out her etsy shop, KittyRobot. (cute name isn't it!?)

Alright, brief, yes, but sleepy I am so....made it through Monday...Yay!

1 comment:

Jodie said...

looove the card, and all your other work!
you are so sweet to play along!