Christmas Reflections

Wow, it is hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone again for another year. All of the shopping/wrapping/stressing/cooking/worrying/spending/etc. can be put on the backburner again for awhile. I must say though that I really did try to get past all that hub-bub and just enjoy!

I did receive an awesome gift this year from my dear sweet hubby and MIL...my new Canon XTI...yip-freakin'-hee!

I really did reflect and think a lot about the original Christmas story and how real it was and how wild it must have been - what a miracle.

I'm so sad to have had the loss of a dear friend and family member - Dub. I'm so happy he is in a better place and can feel good again.

what a wise man he was - even toward the end. My prayer is that his grandkids and kids can be touched by the fact that Dub was a Believer and maybe his death can affect someone to accept Christ as their personal Savior.
It is always weird to think about how the death or life of someone can touch someone. You just never know the seeds that are planted over someone's death.


King of diamonds: it's Christmas Eve! Everything Christmas is a blessing and even though my true beliefs are Christian based, it is fun to think about the fat man in the red suit and all the good.magical feelings that go along with him.


7 of spades: I love singing Christmas carols at church!
We also had our immediate family Christmas today and I got the Canon XTI and I'm completely S.T.O.K.E.D.!!!!

woo hoo


Ace of clubs: first flakes of snow...no accumulation but beautiful nonetheless.


I'm so far behind in my db postings...
This is the 21st




9 of diamonds-gifts under the tree today! Our tree was looking a little sad with two measley presents underneath. Now - it is a happy tree!
{see post below}
I do however have a sad dog in the house. We have one who takes over the tree skirt early on when the tree goes up. She is not pleased with my progress today. sorry Scuzzlebutt!

Under the tree...

...there are gifts, you see! Hey I just came up with that cute little (lame) poem. I'm so clever when I get to hang out by myself at home and wrap gifts and watch VH1 Classic "we are the 80's" all day.
Anyway, I did get what gifts I have wrapped! Yea. I also made a list of what I still need - odds and ends - to hopefully pick up.

I think everything is planned - all the different get togethers and such. We start Saturday night at my Granny's - then Sunday after church we'll do our immediate get together with the kiddos while B&R are here. We are going to do soup for lunch the Sausage and Bean has become a little tradition and Amy has a new one we will try as well. Nothing major, just be together and not spend all day in the kitchen. Monday night (Christmas Eve) we'll go to Mom's and Christmas morning we'll head out to Greenbrier. Then - it's just over. amazing how quick it comes and goes. I truly hope I can take it all in and enjoy the family and friends and food.

Last weekend was my Granny's birthday. We had dinner @ my dad and stepmom's and look at this coolio photo of Granny and her b-day cake in front of Velisa's beautiful white trees with blue lights....it's ELECTRIC!

How cute is my Granny???

Also, prayers for my DIL - Amy - for her surgery tomorrow. It's an outpatient, but still...she's just been through so much. I hate that she has to have this done less than a well before the holidays.

Up side: she gets to have a week+ off!



8 of clubs - today was a great day and had to have three blessings!


8 of hearts - this is the end of my work year! yippee. off for 2 weeks and one day for the holiday. This paper is from some wrapping paper that my delightful soap was wrapped in from Joan, a lady at work. I just thought this paper was too cool...pretty much like Joan! :)


4 of diamonds. The sun was out the the sky was blue for the first time a days! This mosiac card was inspired by a layout on SIStv here.


Christmas time fun

I have been so lax in my blog postings except for my daily blessing cards. Maybe it is the hustle-bustle of the Christmas season. I love Christmas and love that it represents the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christ-mas, get it? One of my biggest pet peeves at this time of year is the use of xmas - now I realize that people are in a hurry and simply use it as an abbreviation and just becuase they use it doesn't mean they a) don't believe or b) are devil worshipers, but it just bugs me. I mean God sent his Son to walk with us as a human being and then He sent Him to die a horrific death for us. The least we can do is honor Him by writing CHRIST when we write Christmas.

It is HIS holiday HIS Birthday.

Okay - it's just been on my mind and had to get it out.

We did have some Christmas fun last night decorating the tree at Robert & the boys. Of course there was some music involved (there always is with Joe and Jake) and food (definitely a given when our family gets together) and fellowship and memories made. The boys put their ornaments on the huge tree that looks so beautiful in the house with all the windows.

Very many memories of my Granny and Pa Hutch - it was their house - and the only home they ever had during my life. I always remember seeing the tree coming down the long drive. I sure hope that Joe and Jake have wonderful Christmas memories when they think back some day.

Even their dog Newton aka Newt was having fun doing what he likes to do....relax! I think Santa himself could have walked in the room and he would not have budged! What a cool dog he is. Cool Dog for three Cool Guys.



2 of hearts...I *heart* my Granny and today is her birthday. I have been truly blessed to have the wonderful.christian grandparents I have had. She is my only living one at this point in my life and I love and appreciate her and everything she has taught me.


2 of clubs - This week has been our Secret Santa week at work in our department. It has been so MUCH fun! I had suspected my friend Laura was my secret santa, and I was correct. She definitely would not be a good poker player.

I love this girl.

She has become such a good friend. SO glad to have her fun gifts this week and her gift of friendship.


8 of diamonds - bigtime answered prayer today for a friend. What a relief and load off for her and her family.


I'm a little behind on posting my daily blessings, but it's not because of the shortage of blessings - I can assure. I have been very reflective lately and seem to be crazy*emotional. Hormones?Holidays?Losing it? who knows...decide for yourself! :D
King of Hearts - what more can I say..ONline is great when you live where I do!



4 of spades - Huge blessing EVERY day!


joker - I love all the cutesy Christmas stuff like this notepad hanging on my fridge.


daily.something. 12.9.07 Mom's Birthday

4 of hearts - a daily blessing for Mom.
Very thankful to have her as a mom...she is truly a blessing.
Love you Mom and Happy Birthday.

FTJJ - Dream Lunch

Okay - so I finally got my week 4 entry done for From the Journal Jar prompt: "if you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be?" For me I kind of knew in the back of my mind who I would choose...my grandfather "Pa Hutch" as I called him. Here is my LO:

journaling reads: At this point in my life, my dream lunch would be with my Pa Hutch. Although I would love to eat lunch with any of my loved ones who have passed away, Pa Hutch was the most fun eater! I have always said, "he just makes food look good when he eats." Weird, I know, but he had a knack for preparing and eating ordinary food. I know I could choose anyone to eat with and one might think it odd to choose a deceased grandparent, but I would love to share a bowl of oats, cornbread & milk, or salami, cheese and crackers with my Pa just like when I was a little girl.

My grandfather was a rural mail carrier and I can always remember when I was little, I wanted to get up at the crack of dawn, when he did to share a bowl of oats with him before he left for his route. It is such a happy*vivid memory to me. He would take pieces of salami, swiss cheese and saltines with him on him route for a snack and I still eat them to this day as one of my most favorite snacks. Most people are completely grossed out by it but it is good I promise! I mean - hello!- my Pa Hutch ate it, it has to be good! :) I also remember him pouring a big glass of milk and putting leftover cornbread in it and eating it with a spoon. It's a southern thing I am sure. I took all those things for granted when he was here, but I do hold on to the memories and would definitely enjoy a dream lunch with him. I would even have lunch with him at his favorite place to eat: Shoneys!


9 of spades - I love great days where I am not stressed out!



Jack of hearts - today I had a feel good moment about something I
wasn't feeling so good about!



JOKER!!! How appropriate for my energy today!


10 of hearts - short trip today for a meeting in LR...safe is always a blessing! :)


daily blessing.12.4.07

queen of spades: Groundbreaking and Christmas reception was a success today at work.
A definite blessing.

This is my 100th Post!

Can't believe I've posted 100 times in blogland!

If there is anyone who reads about my boring life on here or looks at my paper crafts, photos and art, I appreciate it and hope I can add a little something to your web surf from time to time. I welcome any and all comments and hope to reach the next milestone in blogging...not real sure what that is, but 100 posts seem significant enough to warrant it's own post! Maybe 200 posts or a one year birthday..I mean blogday! (we'll play it by ear and see what happens!)


today's sunset

Can you say B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!!!????

This was the sunset today at around 5:20PM. I had to pull over to capture this as I was driving home. Wish i could have gotten in a few minutes before. It was the most gorgeous shade of pink.
Thanks God for pulling out your paints and making such a lovely view after a typical Monday.


6 of hearts - Bingo prizes from SIStv are the BomB!!!! Check out these great glittery stickers from Making Memories.



Ace of diamonds - celebration continues with my family of my birthday. I love receiving thoughtful gifts that are filled with love!


queen of hearts - yes, it is my birthday! A wild, weird, crazy day this year...many ups & downs.

I have so much to be thankful for - just making it another year is plenty, but one event happened today - bad event, that could have been much worse. I caught the yard on fire. It was very windy and it moved fast into a scope of woods between our house and the neighbors. The good Lord was definitely watching out for us on this day as the fire stayed at least a foot or two from our house around the back, side, and partially around the front. It was crazy. God sent Brandi by to notice the smoke and let us know what was happening as we sat inside the house.
She was my guardian angel of the day.
I'm thankful for so much and when something like that happens, it makes me realize how precious and fragile life is.

The Christmas parade went well, except for another bad event with our friends that I don't wish to publish on the Internet. I pray that things will turn out okay on that front, as some of those affected are like part of our family.

The day (which completely mentally and physically drained me btw) turned out superb as my hubby and I along with several friends went to Batesville to eat to celebrate my birthday. We girls sent the men and kids home and shopped for a little while and had a blast. Sometimes it just feels good to get away and have laughs with the girls!



6 of spades - friends are the best! Especially those you work with who help celebrate an early birthday - along with the best friend a girl could have - her mom!


daily blessing 11.29.07

Queen of diamonds - inspiration @ work today, specifically Christmas inspiration.

daily blessing 11.27.07

5 of diamonds - carry out...because sometimes it is a blessing not to cook!
Gotta love Pizza Hut.

daily blessing 11.27.07

4 of clubs...simplify describes my blessing at work today...who knew black and white could be so fun???


daily blessing 11.26.07

3 of diamonds - nice cleaned off desk after a holiday. {doesn't last!}

daily blessing 11.25.07

2 of spades - day of taking family photos...


daily blessing 11.24.07

King of spades: I love looking through all my Christmas decorations and discovering ones I had forgotten.

daily blessing 11.23.07

10 of spades: who doesn't love a little shopping at 6AM on black Friday?


daily blessing 11-22-07 *Thanksgiving...

How appropriate for a daily blessing!! :DHAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


Sounds I *heart* - Sara Berry jack

I really like the way this layout turned out. This is actually for two different challenges. The overall design is a jack from Sara Berry for this week's scrapjacked challenge. The content is the journaling prompt from the From the Journal Jar site: "what are your favorite sounds."

When thinking about sounds I enjoy what God has created for me to hear. Things that evoke feelings or bring back memories. Senses can definitely do that...sounds, smells, things you see or taste.

Each sound described has a different feeling for me. Spring is my favorite time of year and when I can go outside and hear the crickets and tree frogs at night, I know spring is near. I love, LOVE spring.

The sound of snow falling is simply a cool experience. It is such a still, clean, quiet sound. Especially early in the morning before people are trying to venture out in their cars. Quiet can be a great sound, but the soft rustling of snow hitting the surfaces is just calming.

Another calming sound for me is the Spring River. We have spent lots of time laying on the banks of that river - the best times are Sunday afternoons when hardly anyone is around and you can just lay back, feel the sun, and listen to the river. We always go to Spring River Oaks and just hang out. It is true peace. All your worries, problems, and life can just be on hold for awhile. My hubby and I have had a lot of times on the river that are great memories.

Nothing beats the sound of a steady rain on a tin roof - it's a true country thing to love I suppose.

Distant thunder may be a strange sound to love, but I do like the sound of a storm. Although it makes me a little anxious, a good old thunderstorm (minus tornadoes of course) is a great sound to experience every once in awhile.

daily blessing 11-21-07

10 of clubs - love to take my time when I can.

daily blessing 11-20-07

3 of clubs - love me some chicken chimichangas!


7 of hearts - hootie, hoot hoot to short work weeks!!!!
Also to Sam getting to come home today from the vet...poor guy looks rough, but he's alive and wagging his tail. You know a dog is good when they're wagging! Answered prayer.