queen of hearts - yes, it is my birthday! A wild, weird, crazy day this year...many ups & downs.

I have so much to be thankful for - just making it another year is plenty, but one event happened today - bad event, that could have been much worse. I caught the yard on fire. It was very windy and it moved fast into a scope of woods between our house and the neighbors. The good Lord was definitely watching out for us on this day as the fire stayed at least a foot or two from our house around the back, side, and partially around the front. It was crazy. God sent Brandi by to notice the smoke and let us know what was happening as we sat inside the house.
She was my guardian angel of the day.
I'm thankful for so much and when something like that happens, it makes me realize how precious and fragile life is.

The Christmas parade went well, except for another bad event with our friends that I don't wish to publish on the Internet. I pray that things will turn out okay on that front, as some of those affected are like part of our family.

The day (which completely mentally and physically drained me btw) turned out superb as my hubby and I along with several friends went to Batesville to eat to celebrate my birthday. We girls sent the men and kids home and shopped for a little while and had a blast. Sometimes it just feels good to get away and have laughs with the girls!


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