FTJJ - Dream Lunch

Okay - so I finally got my week 4 entry done for From the Journal Jar prompt: "if you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be?" For me I kind of knew in the back of my mind who I would choose...my grandfather "Pa Hutch" as I called him. Here is my LO:

journaling reads: At this point in my life, my dream lunch would be with my Pa Hutch. Although I would love to eat lunch with any of my loved ones who have passed away, Pa Hutch was the most fun eater! I have always said, "he just makes food look good when he eats." Weird, I know, but he had a knack for preparing and eating ordinary food. I know I could choose anyone to eat with and one might think it odd to choose a deceased grandparent, but I would love to share a bowl of oats, cornbread & milk, or salami, cheese and crackers with my Pa just like when I was a little girl.

My grandfather was a rural mail carrier and I can always remember when I was little, I wanted to get up at the crack of dawn, when he did to share a bowl of oats with him before he left for his route. It is such a happy*vivid memory to me. He would take pieces of salami, swiss cheese and saltines with him on him route for a snack and I still eat them to this day as one of my most favorite snacks. Most people are completely grossed out by it but it is good I promise! I mean - hello!- my Pa Hutch ate it, it has to be good! :) I also remember him pouring a big glass of milk and putting leftover cornbread in it and eating it with a spoon. It's a southern thing I am sure. I took all those things for granted when he was here, but I do hold on to the memories and would definitely enjoy a dream lunch with him. I would even have lunch with him at his favorite place to eat: Shoneys!

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