Christmas time fun

I have been so lax in my blog postings except for my daily blessing cards. Maybe it is the hustle-bustle of the Christmas season. I love Christmas and love that it represents the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christ-mas, get it? One of my biggest pet peeves at this time of year is the use of xmas - now I realize that people are in a hurry and simply use it as an abbreviation and just becuase they use it doesn't mean they a) don't believe or b) are devil worshipers, but it just bugs me. I mean God sent his Son to walk with us as a human being and then He sent Him to die a horrific death for us. The least we can do is honor Him by writing CHRIST when we write Christmas.

It is HIS holiday HIS Birthday.

Okay - it's just been on my mind and had to get it out.

We did have some Christmas fun last night decorating the tree at Robert & the boys. Of course there was some music involved (there always is with Joe and Jake) and food (definitely a given when our family gets together) and fellowship and memories made. The boys put their ornaments on the huge tree that looks so beautiful in the house with all the windows.

Very many memories of my Granny and Pa Hutch - it was their house - and the only home they ever had during my life. I always remember seeing the tree coming down the long drive. I sure hope that Joe and Jake have wonderful Christmas memories when they think back some day.

Even their dog Newton aka Newt was having fun doing what he likes to do....relax! I think Santa himself could have walked in the room and he would not have budged! What a cool dog he is. Cool Dog for three Cool Guys.


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kim brimhall said...

thank you so much for the comments...i forgot to tell you. i grew up in eldorado AR and my parents still live in hot springs arkansas!!