Under the tree...

...there are gifts, you see! Hey I just came up with that cute little (lame) poem. I'm so clever when I get to hang out by myself at home and wrap gifts and watch VH1 Classic "we are the 80's" all day.
Anyway, I did get what gifts I have wrapped! Yea. I also made a list of what I still need - odds and ends - to hopefully pick up.

I think everything is planned - all the different get togethers and such. We start Saturday night at my Granny's - then Sunday after church we'll do our immediate get together with the kiddos while B&R are here. We are going to do soup for lunch the Sausage and Bean has become a little tradition and Amy has a new one we will try as well. Nothing major, just be together and not spend all day in the kitchen. Monday night (Christmas Eve) we'll go to Mom's and Christmas morning we'll head out to Greenbrier. Then - it's just over. amazing how quick it comes and goes. I truly hope I can take it all in and enjoy the family and friends and food.

Last weekend was my Granny's birthday. We had dinner @ my dad and stepmom's and look at this coolio photo of Granny and her b-day cake in front of Velisa's beautiful white trees with blue lights....it's ELECTRIC!

How cute is my Granny???

Also, prayers for my DIL - Amy - for her surgery tomorrow. It's an outpatient, but still...she's just been through so much. I hate that she has to have this done less than a well before the holidays.

Up side: she gets to have a week+ off!

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