This was a quick shot I did while heading to a conference last Sunday.  These trees at my workplace  are absolutely stunning right now. This shot had no real plan I just aimed and fired.

In the words of Bob Ross, it was a "happy accident". :)
It reminds me of watching fireworks in July, so I call it "autumn fireworks".



So I was going for an old glamorous Hollywood feel in this week's photo.  I thought my Mom had an old pair of cat-eye style glasses (she used to wear them back in the day) but alas we could not find them. :( 

We did find my old pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer style shades though so I decided those would be as old school as I was getting for this shot. 

I obviously did some post editing on this one to give it a dramatic feel. 

Oh and remember me showing you my branding last week for my photo stuff?  Well, I worked on my site yesterday and thought I'd hook it up here. My blog will probably undergo a facelift to emphasize my photography, but I have not given up on Clever Notions either.  I hope to pick up my crochet hook soon and crank out some crochet candy flowers.  I also have some headbands in various stages of production so I will have some ready soon. 

If you know me at all, you know I am constantly trying new things and starting new projects.  This photography thing, though, is something I've been working toward for awhile.  It was not something I could just plunge into all at once. 

Any advice you want to give is welcome so feel free! Click my logo below to see what I've got so far.


5211-39 & 40

The last two week's worth of photos have a fall feel, don't you think?

I played with some fun textures and overlays on this first photo. I really need to do more of that.

The weather has been splendid the past few days...perfect sunny days and mild temps. I am so digging it! If Fall would stay like this I would be a little more welcoming. Guess Fall doesn't care if I welcome it or not...it is coming, ready or not!
Oh, and I have taken my photography a little further. I have actually designed a logo and built my smug mug site a little more with pricing. Super excited about the possibilities. Maybe some changes around the old bloggy blog soon.

What do you think?