I won A Major Award

Just like Ralphie's Dad.
Remember Mr. Parker from A Christmas Story?
One of my all-time favorite Christmas classic.

Check me out!
Two Major Awards in one week:
First this cool Kreativ Blogger Award.
Now, I won this Hallmark Magazine Award.
From The Things We Make blog on their website
I won the Amy Butler Giveaway!
How flippin' awesome is that?
Pretty flippin' awesome I tell ya!

I really looked at the list of items the giveaway included
and went to the K&Company website to give it a closer look.
Crapfire, it's a boatload of goodness!
I'll bet when the Fed Ex guy delivers my package,
it will have FRAGILE marked on it.
It's probably Italian!
wink*wink ;)

I do adore Amy Butler designed fabrics so it will be a real treat to have some scrap product with her designs!

Happy Halloween!

We've had a quiet evening.

Went out to eat a bite...fried shrimp & FF for me.

Came home and I'm watching the Hubs snore beside me.
We're watching the first night of the PBR finals. {yee-haw}
I'm a JB Mauney fan, but there are several that I really like.
Figure Guilherme Marchi will pull it out...and deservingly so.
(is deservingly a word?)

Anyway, "Trick or Treat", "Boo", "Cowboy Up" and all that jazz....


I've been given an award!

One of my favorite bloggers and a friend from school, whom I have connected with via the world wide web, awarded me as a Kreativ Blogger!
What can I say except:
"Wow and thanks Lynne!"

You must check out Our Piece of the Pie, Lynne's blog and see her gorgeous kiddos!
While you are at it, look at her breathtaking photography.
Stunning, I tell you!

Now, apparently I'm supposed to list six things and six blogs I love. Well, obviously I could just give the award right back to Lynne, as she does have a blog I love to check out several times a week, but I really don't know the proper manners for such awards, and it seems a little silly & redundant to give it back.

Therefore I'll award the following blogs:
Karla Marla
Another Day
Old Lady in a Teenager
Dandelion Wishes
Jeanie's blogs
I also adore Kayla Aimee's blogs, her Shifting Sand is one of my faves but she has gone private for awhile, so I've been missing her faith based & inspirational posts.

Gosh there are so many it is hard to narrow down to SIX!

Things I love:
1. God & my faith.
2. my family
3. friends
4. capturing the little moments in life.
5. Spring
6. my furbaby Angus!


Some pre-Halloween love

This weekend was chock full of Fun Fall/Halloween events. Saturday was the 4H Fun Day - Alex was in charge of the flag football. I cannot believe she actually let me take this picture! She was being a good sport I suppose!
Love this action shot!
Take note: you have to hold your tongue just right in order to jumprope with a hula-hoop! :DA few shots from the annual Orr Farm Halloween Bash!

Gotta love a countrified Tinkerbell!
Completely precious kiddos!The BFF's posing for a shot.
I simply love these get-togethers. It makes me feel blessed to live in a place where we can enjoy hayrides, bonfires, roasted hot dogs, haunted horse barns, and pumpkin stew!
My famous witch's brew, complete with brain matter, toenails & worms!
The vampire blood cupcakes (from a recipe I found online. I would link if I could "re-find" it!)
I'll be glad to share the directions though.
Tara found the candy corn/peanut mix.
That stuff is addictive!Of course the party would not be complete without our hostess with the mostess: Nancy - she makes it all possible and I think she secretly loves it more than the little guys!
Alex & friend, Matt getting ready for the haunted hayride.
I hear there was even a headless horseman!Tomorrow is our Fall Festival at work. I hope to have more fun Halloween pictures to share!
till then....
over & out


October reflections

Getting colder and I'm not loving it much.
I AM loving the sunshine that today holds.
and the Fall beauty...just without the cold please!?

4H Fun Day today.
Should be fun.
October is loaded with good times and good photo ops!

Check out Last year's October.

See, October hold great traditions for us.
Today: 4H Fun Day, football, & Nancy's Halloween get together.
My church hay ride, which I have to miss this time.
Monday: My work's family fun festival

A time to reflect.
I love that I can go back through my blog and see what I was doing a year ago.
How I was feeling a year ago.
The events.
The losses.
The photos.

Everyone should have a camera & a blog, really.


AREtsy Team Member

So my first Etsy sale was perfect.
The prints reached my buyer, *who is also a seller BTW*
She left me awesome feedback,

I left her awesome feedback.
All is good for that - my first transaction.

Now, I've taken the next step and joined an Etsy team.
Team ARETsy = Etsy sellers from Arkansas.

Seems there are quite a few sellers in the group.
I have posted the
typical "Hi, I'm a newbie" to the group message board set up through Yahoo.

They even have a blog, AREtsy.blogspot.com.

I'm all about buying local and supporting artists.
I encourage any
of my readers to do the same.
Check out the many Etsy stores.
I'm talking some awesome Christmas gifts,
no driving, no lines, and better quality.

Love CurlyRed's jewelry
And this nice lady at Arts of the Ozarks who just moved from my neck of the woods.
Her notecards which feature beautiful photos=Stunning!
(they are all taken in Arkansas too!)
Of course these pictures are supercalafragilistically unique and would make really nice gifts for your friends and loved ones and while you're at it, pick one up for yourself.
You DEFINITELY should check that one out. (insert cheesy grin here)

Seriously, if you have not looked around Etsy
you are missing out on something truly unique and special.
From vintage, like one of my fave bloggers Mandi
and her shop:
to cool handmade bags and paper supplies like
Madame Cupcake.
There is really something for everyone.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program....


Can you believe I scrapped?!

Yes, it is true, I actually put together a layout last night!
And it felt darn good too!

After visiting some of my favorite challenge blogs I decided the
pink and black challenge over at Dreamgirls was the one for me!
I even went outside my comfort zone and scrapped a horizontal 8.5x11,
or should I say 11x8.5.

The challenge, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, was to use only black and pink paper and no patterned paper, and use a piece of lace.

I took this photo in July during Alex and Colby's Queen's speech
and interview at State 4H Horseshow.

I know I've blogged about Alex & Colby's relationship before,
but it's worth stating again that these two girls have so much fun together during horseshow season. Even thought Colby is younger than Alex and even with Alex's competitive spirit, they just "gee-haw" and I appreciate the friendship they have formed. Colby and her family are just "good people" (I know , I'm using a lot of old timer language tonight, but sometimes it's necessary!)

I utilized several embellishments and fun little bits and pieces that I've been hoarding...why do I do it?
Like this fun Marilyn Monroe playing card and the little chipboard piece that was in one of my style phyle kits from SIStv.

I pledge to scrap more - I really do.
It felt good to get my "creative" on.

If there are other scrappers that read this blog, I challenge you to do a challenge too!


Look who else wants JOY

That's right, Angus wants JOY too! Of course he is a dog and already full of JOY, but everyone could use a little extra, right?!

This is the other one I have for sale that I discussed in this post below. It is for sale for $27, plus shipping. I have distressed this frame for a more rustic feel and this one has black and white pictures. You can purchase it through Etsy, or simply contact me!

Also I wanted to show the Family piece I made for Deltha. I actually did two of these for her for two different events she is attending. I think one will be given away as a door prize and the other will be a gift.
I was a little concerned about how these would turn out, but I really like them...the mix of the modern looking frame with the naturalness of the photos is pretty cool. I had these printed as 4x7's because of the size of the frame. The prints fits between two pieces of glass and then fit into the frame.

On another subject, I'm feeling a real need
to scrapbook! what? did I say scrapbook?
Yes, scrapbooking seems so foreign to me right now.
It's been a couple of months since I've even made an ATC.
I really should get back into my thankful cards.
I was so much more appreciative for the little things
when I was doing those.
I'm thinking a challenge might be in order to crank
up the mojo.
Maybe this one in honor of breast cancer awareness month.

Oh yet another subject: I'm a little sad that Korto didn't win Project Runway.
I finally watched the finale on YouTube this weekend. I am however glad it was Leanne and not
that crazed, hateful Kenley. I actually didn't mind her too much until she was rude to Tim Gunn...I mean "Hello" it's Tim Gunn, and he is the most nice, polite man! How dare she!
Anyway, I just loved Korto's attitude and her designs were awesome. Plus she's a fellow Arkansan!

Off to enjoy the last few precious minutes of the weekend.

over and out.


updates from my world

Whew, what a week it has been!
I cannot believe one week ago I was hanging out with these chicks again - 20 years sure goes by quickly. I am truly blessed to have such a great group of girls that I can call my friends and although it there has been a lot of years since some of us have seen each other, it still felt like real friendships. I love that! (photo credit to Becky Norris)

I keep thinking of the old Girl Scout song:
Make new friends,
But keep the old,
One is silver
And the other is gold.

I'm not sure if old friends are meant to be the silver or the gold, but nonetheless they are each a treasure in my heart. ( If you know the answer to the silver/gold thing, please let me in on that.thanks)

I truly wish I could have spent more time with each of them and their kiddos.
Like these cutie patooties:
Riley and Mary Claire

Mary Claire and her little sister and my new bff, Caroline.
She does her own hair and everything! She's a hoot and I feel instantly in love with her!

I would show you the elusive little brother to Riley, Mr. Hayden, but he wasn't really into me or my camera.
Just like a man!

I also enjoyed seeing some of the mothers of my friends. Each one of them still looks stunning and they are all as sweet as I remember.

I am so appreciative of Jane & Pat for hosting such a great little gathering.
I just wish I could have spent more time.

I left from this event to drive north to Rogers for the Arkansas Association of Two Year College conference. It was a great event in a most gorgeous new John Q. Hammons Convention Center. WOW, that Embassy Suites is the bomb! I was completely exhausted by Tuesday, but it was awesome to be a part of something so great. This was my last year to serve on the board of directors and it has been a wonderful learning and growing experience.

That bring me to today, yet another Friday!

Today I am excited to report my first Etsy sell!
The lady who bought some of my prints is giving them as a wedding gift next weekend.
She is also an Etsy seller and has some beautiful handmade jewelry. I encourage you to check out meero. Her stuff rocks.
I'm thinking I might need this piece or maybe this one.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to have some interest in my stuff.
I could never sell another thing and be satisfied with that one sell.
(not really, but it sounds good right?)

I currently have two of the JOY framed prints for sale for $32 each.
These are in a brown frame and the prints are sepia tone. I also have another one that is a little smaller, simpler and more rustic looking frame that I need to get listed. I will be selling it for $27.00.

I am putting together a frame tonight with the word FAMILY which is going to a conference as a giveaway this weekend. I'll post it once it's together and photographed.
This one is a little different and I'm anxious to see how it will turn out.
I hope it will look okay!

A big THANKS to my friend Deltha(also my co-worker) for having me make two of these for her. BTW, Deltha is another old friend who could be silver... could be gold. Who knows!? Please do let me in on the answer to this burning question if you know!

over and out...


out of pocket

I haven't forgotten about you dear blog, Just out of pocket till Tuesday. Been to my 20th class reunion...well some of it anyway. I will have pictures to post, and will post more soon. I promise I sure do miss those girls....you know who you are! ;0) I want to hear about the Saturday festivities that I missed out on, so if any of you read this please drop me a line and let me know the juicy stuff that I missed!

back soon


I've got JOY

and so can you!A little something I will be adding to my Etsy, just in time for Christmas decorating or gift giving.

Give someone some JOY this year!
Yes, it is just like yours Judy!!!! ;)


Etsy shop is up!

FINALLY, after thinking, talking, & working on it, I have finally taken the Etsy plunge!
My Country Text photos are finally for sale on the world wide web.

I have an Etsy badge over there on the top right hand side of my blog so you can always find me. --->
Currently I have one listing...for individual letters, but my plan is to put some general framed pieces up in the near future.

If you are needing a one-of-a-kind gift, whether it be wedding, birthday, baby or shall I even utter the word: Christmas!? Yes, there are 80 days until Christmas folks, so right now is the best time to order. (what a sales pitch, right?)

Remember I will customize your order, just let me know, and I can now have your piece framed for you.

Visit now to see all the different options:


subtle changes

Just thought it might be time for a few updates to the old blog.
You know with a new season I always feel like other things should undergo changes too.
The edited paratrooper photo seemed like a good candidate for the new banner.
It just seems to capture things I love about the season.
It'll do for now.
And since this blog is about my POV (point of view) and not only about my scrapping or art, I updated the title too.
There is another change which I've been wanting to make around here. I made everything wider.
I hope it will be more eye pleasing, especially with photos.
Let's give it a shot!

Ah yes, much better.