Etsy shop is up!

FINALLY, after thinking, talking, & working on it, I have finally taken the Etsy plunge!
My Country Text photos are finally for sale on the world wide web.

I have an Etsy badge over there on the top right hand side of my blog so you can always find me. --->
Currently I have one listing...for individual letters, but my plan is to put some general framed pieces up in the near future.

If you are needing a one-of-a-kind gift, whether it be wedding, birthday, baby or shall I even utter the word: Christmas!? Yes, there are 80 days until Christmas folks, so right now is the best time to order. (what a sales pitch, right?)

Remember I will customize your order, just let me know, and I can now have your piece framed for you.

Visit now to see all the different options:


Judy said...

I am SO proud of you Kim!! :)

For the rest of you - I have a country text photograph that Kim made me for Christmas last year and I treasure it!

It says "JOY" made with beautiful letter shaped pictures - an upside down candy cane for the J - a wreath for the O - and a ribbon shaped like a Y. :)

Make someone else happy by ordering a gift for them today!! :)


KimM said...

Kim, I'm so very excited for you!! I know your shop is going to be a hit! I've already forworded your Etsy shop to several people:)

I have my letters framed but waiting on hubby to hang them in the classroom. EVERYONE that comes in just has a fit over the photos!!