I won A Major Award

Just like Ralphie's Dad.
Remember Mr. Parker from A Christmas Story?
One of my all-time favorite Christmas classic.

Check me out!
Two Major Awards in one week:
First this cool Kreativ Blogger Award.
Now, I won this Hallmark Magazine Award.
From The Things We Make blog on their website
I won the Amy Butler Giveaway!
How flippin' awesome is that?
Pretty flippin' awesome I tell ya!

I really looked at the list of items the giveaway included
and went to the K&Company website to give it a closer look.
Crapfire, it's a boatload of goodness!
I'll bet when the Fed Ex guy delivers my package,
it will have FRAGILE marked on it.
It's probably Italian!
wink*wink ;)

I do adore Amy Butler designed fabrics so it will be a real treat to have some scrap product with her designs!

Happy Halloween!

We've had a quiet evening.

Went out to eat a bite...fried shrimp & FF for me.

Came home and I'm watching the Hubs snore beside me.
We're watching the first night of the PBR finals. {yee-haw}
I'm a JB Mauney fan, but there are several that I really like.
Figure Guilherme Marchi will pull it out...and deservingly so.
(is deservingly a word?)

Anyway, "Trick or Treat", "Boo", "Cowboy Up" and all that jazz....


Lynne said...

FANTASTIC - you deserve it!

Karla Rush said...

Yes, Virgina...deservingly is a word. According to Christy M, anything can be a word if you want it to be!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you for winning all your free goodies. Now put it to use.
My day shopping and trifting with you was great. I always treasure anytime I get to spend with you. Of course my back can feel it. Part of it is because I came home and started cooking for our potluck at church tomorrow. Thanks for the GOOD TIMES. LOVE MOM

Katie said...

Congrats on the awards!

ncwdust said...

I'm so jealous! That looks like a very interesting pile of goodies!

jeanie oliver said...

you are an incredibly lucky girl-