subtle changes

Just thought it might be time for a few updates to the old blog.
You know with a new season I always feel like other things should undergo changes too.
The edited paratrooper photo seemed like a good candidate for the new banner.
It just seems to capture things I love about the season.
It'll do for now.
And since this blog is about my POV (point of view) and not only about my scrapping or art, I updated the title too.
There is another change which I've been wanting to make around here. I made everything wider.
I hope it will be more eye pleasing, especially with photos.
Let's give it a shot!

Ah yes, much better.


MandieGirl said...

those pictures are beautiful!!!

Rhi said...

i like it very much :)
and the photos are so haunting. i love them.

Karla Rush said...

Nice foggy barn pics....

Lynne said...

Love the barn pics - very cool. I've been wanting my blog to be wider as well...did you just change templates or did you do something else to make it wider?

Lucy said...

Your blog looks great. I've been fiddling with mine, too! Beautiful photos.