fair weather

Couldn't have been more perfect weather for the fair and the other bazillion events that I was involved with last weekend. I love the fair and the weather that goes along with it...well, except our county fair which takes place in July when it's 100 degrees!

This was the North Central Arkansas District Fair and is our last "hurrah" for Alex's show season. It is a little sad, yet a relief to be done for another year.

Took these at sunset when we got to the fairground on Saturday evening. I have had fun playing around with these in PS and used some crazy action called "happy" I downloaded from deviantart.
Looks very retro....me likey!
I love everything about the fair:
  • the weather
  • the food
  • the lights
  • the activities
  • the sounds
  • the exhibits
  • the people you see like one a year....at the fair.
Call me old-fashioned, but anywhere that celebrates homemade goods, fun for the kiddos, and good conversation with your neighbors is a good place to be!


Karla Rush said...

Like the effect on the photos. I need to learn that from you.

ncwdust said...

Absolutely love the 2nd photo...way too cool!

I have always loved the fair too...that might change now that I'm working with the fair board. (hahaha)