Seems I've been somewhat out of focus as of late.
I need to get back IN focus.

I've been busy/tired/running/crazy it seems
and have not had time or energy for creativity or other extras.
I did,
however get a little
scrap on last night-
Been wanting to do the challenge over
at Scrapstars and had something in mind.
Just hadn't gotten it on paper till last night.

the challenge had to do with a teacher that inspires.
This teacher and good "prend" (that's friend) inspires me daily.
She is a great teacher and is teaching me a lot about, well, Teaching!
She also teaches me about myself and life in general.
She has been blessed with a true gift of teaching and compassion for her students.
I only want her to teach me her secret. That is what this page is about.
I will focus more.
I will get things going with Country Text.
I will get KimM's RAK to her.
I will create.
I really will!


ncwdust said...

That is so cool Kim!

Karla Rush said...

I love this! I hope I get a crown someday....even if I have to wait for heaven.

Mandi said...

Yeah I feel ya on the focusing thing!!