Weekend ReCap

Last weekend was our final big horseshow of the season.
The Ark-Mo Show of Champions in Melbourne.
Alex & Molly had their final lead in class in the infamous Blue Outfits!
I love this photo of Molly and her "coaches".
Alex, Nancy and Brandi giving the 3-year old some pointers is just too funny.

It must have worked though cause she turned on the charm in the show pen and won 8th place out of about 20 cute kids and good horses. We were very proud of them and Molly got her first big trophy!
Alex has been so good & patient to help Molly out. I've very proud of how she has handled this responsibility.
Here's Molly when she discovered this huge hammock!
She wanted Amy & I to lay down there too,
but we didn't really feel like making complete idiots of ourselves that day!

Saturday night was when Hurricane Ike's fury came through Arkansas and the campers from the horseshow were "evacuated" to the new Melbourne High School because of the straight line winds at 4 o'clock in the morning.
It was pretty much cleared out for Sunday's show!
I just loved the way everyone below me was all lined up on the bottom of the bleachers.
The highlight of the show
(other than all the trophies of course!)
was Molly getting her new puppy.

Okay, here's the lowdown:
There were some people there selling these beautiful Australian Shepherd puppies. Of course Molly spied them immediately and she and Brandi went to check them out.
The people must have been really nice cause they were letting everyone hold them.
They also had names for all their puppies and Molly wanted to know all their names.
One's name that she liked was "Cowgirl" and the other one that she liked was....low and behold...."Molly!"
Well, immediately that was the one she wanted.
I think Brandi was secretly wanting to get one *wink*wink* and "gave in" to Molly's wishes for a puppy~
I do agree that every little girl or boy needs a puppy, especially one with the same name...Hello!
I mean who in the world could deny this:
It's a happy new partnership I think! :~)

I am always a little sad at this show because it is the end of summer and all the fun times with our horseshow friends.

I am also more melancholy this particular year because our association lost an important member and friend, Mr. Butch Honey. I still cannot believe that he is gone. He was a truly kind man and a gentleman in every sense of the word and his wisdom of horses and life will be missed by everyone.
I feel so blessed to have known Butch for the short time I did.

over & out...


ncwdust said...

That puppy is as cute as the kid!

Alex looks so cool in her blues!and they had such a great year...way to go!

Karla Rush said...

These pics are beautiful. I hope Molly and Molly are still having as much fun together now as they were then.