Today's Reflections

Lots of things this weekend...good and bad.
While driving I was thinking....
  • hurricane Ike.
  • having to get up early on Saturday.
  • weekend horseshow.
  • last horsehow.
  • Alex did well.
  • Church & meaningful message.
  • no power.
  • kids & new puppies. (I love puppy breath)
  • tree down.
  • sunshine.
  • discovered vi.sualize.us
  • mud & rain.
This is not an all-inclusive list, but just a few of the good and bad.
More good tomorrow.
(and back to the old font too, methinks!)

1 comment:

jeanie oliver said...

Molly and Molly are incredibly cute, but I must say that you look VERY young and hip in this photo!