cntry txt

I've been playing around with logos/banners/watermark ideas for Country Text.
I've had some friends ask about buying some of my photos so I thought today would be a good day to try to get something going.
It's been terribly busy this last week with district fair, Emerson Drive and Golf tourney so It's been hard to be motivated.

However, I started a couple of "to-do" lists and Country Text was at the top. I had some time this afternoon to be lazy and thought I would play around with some ideas.
I got prints ordered and did this:
I'm not completely convinced, but it is a start.
Hope to get something up this week.
I'm also happy to report that KimM's long overdue RAK will be going out to her this week. I sure hope it is worth the wait. I feel like such a heel for not getting this done sooner.
I'm a bad RAK'er I guess! :(


Deltha said...

I'm lovin' it! Trying to get you all the business I can!

Lucy Mills said...

I like the washing line!!