sorry oh blog

...for neglecting you so much lately.
Life has gone into overdrive and you have suffered.
Please do accept my apology.

I wanted to post a few fun pictures from Saturday.
I spent the afternoon with my Granny.
I always take my camera and love to
get pictures of her in her beautiful yard.
She has always had the most well manicured lawn
and spectacular flowers.
I know my aunt has a little something to do with it too.
She also has a gorgeous yard full of color.

I love this one of Granny!
She was cracking up because she was trying to hide
herself behind the zinnias!
She thought she "just looked awful!"
I think she is a stunning lady!
That one of Granny above is standing in front of her
plummage from some kind of grass (she told me but I forget!)
I think my friend Karla also has some pictured on her blog.
Anyway, Granny was quite proud of the beautiful grass and their splendorous sprouts.
I admit they are pretty spiffy.
They feel like feathers and she said they will stay pretty most of the winter.
Why did I not get her green thumb genes!?
Oh I know, because my cousin, Cindy got those!
Darn you Cindy!!! ;>
This is my stunning cousin I speak of:
She sells purses and this picture is going to be in the
next catalog for her company.
I love the way her shirt, eyes and purse all match!
It really was not planned that way.
This next picture totally cracks me up!
I was trying to get her to give me some attitude and this is
just her typical Cindy-look!
I love it!
It says, "eat your heart out. This purse is mine!"
It was a great day spent with my family.
I love hanging out with those chicks (and my uncle Jerry too, even though he always gives me a hard time!!)

I always find some goodies from Cindy's cool vintage consignment shop too.

This week is already set to be crazy, but I really will try not to neglect you dear blog.


Karla Rush said...

Your granny is so lovely...she is in fact a flower herself among the many she tends in her garden and her yard. I really love the ornamental grass picture....

ncwdust said...

We've been missing you.... glad you're back....I'll join you in the crrrraaaazzzzzyyyy week and we can suffer together.