spiders everywhere

The change in weather must be the reason. I don't know, but I'm seeing these furry six leggers everywhere on the road.
Amy & I encountered this dude excuse me, dudette (Amy informed me this was a female) on her Grandparents road Sunday. Right after I took this one and we started down the road we saw another one!
I'm seeing at least one a day on my drive to work.

Are they looking for a place to nest, or is it breeding season or what? Any insight into the world of tarantulas out in blogland?She is quite lovely in a creepy sort of way I must admit.


MandieGirl said...

OMG. I have major arachnaphobia....i don't know HOW you could even take a pic of those! EEEEKKKK! scarey!!!!

Lynne said...

My son just asked me the other morning on the way to school if I'd ever seen a tarantula (not in captivity) and I THOUGHT I remembered seeing one in our Arkansas driveway as a kid...I guess I was right!