Yes, that is right...My scrapping/creative mojo is pretty non-existent this week. I'm just BLAH! I'm a little overwhelmed with sewing projects and some other scrappy projects that I've committed too, and therefore I don't really want to do ANY of it. Just a funk that I need to crawl out of. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...like suggest to me how I can add 2-3 more hours into my day!

This happens from time-to-time, but I really have to get out of it quickly. Alex's show outfits have to be done and I don't even have all the material purchased. :\



After getting Alex's show outfit patterns in the mail yesterday, I have made a teeny tiny progress...I have taken measurements and cut out the pants. Not much, but a start.

As much as I love to sew and create, I do not like being under the gun on a deadline, yet that is the place I am on this.

My checklist: pants and jacket for Alex, pants and jacket for Molly. All matching/coordinating. Also another shirt for Alex. Don't know how it will be possible to finish all of this, especially since I don't even have all the materials I need yet, but I'm going to try really hard.

Unfortunately, some of my other creating may suffer and that makes me sad. :(

Since I'm feeling a little stressed out about all these projects, I think I need a happy picture to offset my stress.

Ahhhh there, that's better! :)

I did finish my BLS for March's T2T swap over at SIStv. I had gotten some really great stuff from Tracy (Tallynt) to use in my layout. Everything shown was in the BLS, except for the white cardstock, orange background (although it was in my T2T) and the "Discover" rubon. I've got to get my box packed up and in the mail this week. Looking forward to April's trash!


Easter, cakes, birthdays, oh my!

I don't know if I can possibly fit in everything from this weekend with a single post. First, it was Molly Grace's 3rd birthday on Friday and she had a big time at her party on Saturday. Gotta love Spongebob cake!

We had a little cookout last night at Cody & Amy's with Tony & Jennifer & kids, along with Alex, her friend Tia and Russell. The kids (yes, even the big kids) dyed Easter eggs.

And Walker had to make a volcano for school, so Tony & Cody helped him out.

Easter Sunday (today) was just fantastic! So glad the day was sunny...cold, yes, but the blue sky and sunshine was just what the doctor ordered! Church was so good today with the wonderful Easter message of our risen Jesus. A full house today with 75 in Sunday School and over 125 for preaching hour. The music was uplifting!

After church of course, food! Check out Mom's cake:

Lot's of other pics from the day...will post more tomorrow.


Prom Night #1

Well, it is the big night for prom. We (Alex, Tracy & I) had a fun day of getting ready. This is Calico Rock's Prom and Alex is going with Russell Dust, her official "BF". They looked completely adorable! She has another prom (her own at Highland) to go to in a couple of weeks, but she's going with a friend to that one, so it won't be so "romantical!" ;)
So glad Tracy hung out and helped Alex and I with her make-up and making the afternoon fun. Those girls have been through a lot together and I know Alex was happy she was there.
Several of Alex's other friends came by to see them off. Poor Russell was probably overwhelmed by all the crazy girls! They thought he looked like Matt Damon!
Tracy, Leann, Alex, Bailey, and Ashley

Can't wait for the full prom report when Alex gets home.

I hope it was all dreamy and fun for them!


More wild weather...Flood of 08

It's been the strangest weather year that i ever remember. Straight line winds, F4 tornado, Snow, Ice, Spring, now floods!
One of my favorite places in the world is the Spring River - laying in the river listening to the falls in the middle of summer with the sun beating down...ahh nothing like it...

This is the Spring River today: RAGING way out of it's banks:

This is looking at Loberg Park - Please notice the flag pole and tops of the basketball goal and other playground equipment.

We were at the park last Fall for 4H day and here is a view from the park back toward the bridge where I took the flood pic today. In fact that is the same big tree you see in both pictures directly behind the flagpole in the flood pic and covering the flagpole in this one. Pretty Crazy stuff.

Here are some more pics from the other side. To the right is the railroad tracks...If you look carefully toward the top you can see tracks coming out of the water.

These are houses built on the river on stilts. Needless to say they had to evacuate yesterday.
I think the rain has finally stopped. Now we all have to dry out!


So happy to report...




If you have no clue what I'm talking about, check here

So proud of you Brookie Baby!!!!

This picture was taken by the photographer for Sync Weekly, Shannon Sturgis for their contest. I absolutely love her winning smile in this one! :)


Big Hair

Okay, so on SIStv, there was challenge to change our profile pics/avatars to show our hair so jacked up it needs to be drug tested for steroid use! Well, I'm home sick today and must be pretty foggy from cold meds cause I cannot believe I am posting these, but here goes. While looking through some old pictures from high school and college (the 80's!) I came across some real goodies of myself. What WAS I thinking? Seriously, these are atrocious.

This was one from probably 10th grade, circa 1985. Me and a friend were "pretending" we were modeling. I've got the serious look going on. Oh, and this Gasoline denim jacket was one of my most prized possessions (thanks Mom for buying it for me!). it had zip out sleeves, so you could wear it as a vest too. I'm all about some versatile clothing! Dang I wish I was still that skinny.

I actually liked my hair here, it was a sprial perm with some highlights, but not too terribly big.

Okay this one is my Senior year, circa 1988, and I post this one only to show you just how tall my bangs could get at times! HelllllllOOOOO to some major hair spray. And don't you dig my black & white animal print? I was such a trendsetter! LOLNot real certain when this was, but probably somewhere from 88-90. It's just awful I think. This picture has gotten discolored, because my hair was never red! Not sure what's up with that. I never thought of myself as having a mullet, but this is pretty darn close to looking mullet-like...gross!

Okay, next we have freshman year of college 88-89 and this is a lot of hair I'm sporting. Notice the sexiness of the over the shoulder swooped look I've got. I know, it's pretty hot, but don't be a hater, k? Again my hair was not really red...weird how these old pics get discolored.

GAG me! <----yes that too is from the 80's!


vote please!!!!

This gorgeous chick is Brooke - my stepdaughter. She is with her hubs, Rob in several of these pics. She's model quality, don't you think???? Seriously, scroll down and check her out! Beautiful smile and great personality to boot.
Okay, this one is just funny! (sorry B)
Okay, I think we all agree that she is beautiful inside and out.
Now, I would very much appreciate if you would vote many many times for Brooke DeHaven to win this modeling search contest for a local (Little Rock) publication called Sync. You may click below and vote often...there is no registration or sign up required. She would be most appreciative and this would make her incredibly happy. :D :D :D :D
She truly deserves happiness!
Here is the linky

my prend

Remember this post which included my daily blessing card about my prend! Well, here is my prend in her element.....Laughing:The reason for her fun laugh pictured here just simply cannot be stated in this forum.
However, I will state that when this woman is around we do a lot of laughing! :D


four wheels of fun

Just a pic to recap part of the weekend fun. Several of us went four wheeling and had a ball! It was cold & muddy, but completely fun!
Here is Alex and her new friend, Russell; along with Tracy and Charlie, aka Charles Peach.

Also in on the fun was Cody and Amy and James & I. Hope to do this again soon...perhaps when it's a wee bit warmer!!!


snow much fun!!

Amy, Alex, and I had fun playing in the snow today! I have not actually "played" in the snow in quite some time!
Amy had the most fun sledding on this old Plymouth car hood! She and I were the only ones who would brave it. Talk about rednecks...this has to be one of those You might be a redneck if....jokes. Who cares...we had fun - Redneck Fun.I love this one of Amy behind the truck...she was grinning from ear to ear. I was too until my hubs pulled me through a huge stream of water. :\

We picked up Erin and Sami Jo and strolled down the road for some kneeboard action. That was a blast!

Here is Alex taking a spin on the board.

Then we have Sami who had a hard time getting started, but finally got the hang of it.

Oh, here comes Sami now:
Hey Sam!!!

Oh no, there goes Sami.

Poor Sami.

Check out Alex and Tracy's ginormous icicles!!!!

All in all it was a great day of snow fun! Even these geese and ducks enjoyed their day:

Post 200

Nothing in particular to blog about - well, besides the massive amount of snow that has been dumped on us! (pictures to follow later)

I just wanted to this post to be special since it's my 200th! Wow, I cannot believe it, but happy 200th post to me and my blog!

I feel like I need a cake or something...wait, there's donuts, that'll work!


snow and prends

WOW, it is really piling up out there tonight and is supposed to continue through tomorrow. I am so wishing for Spring, but this snow is pretty cool AND I don't have to work tomorrow...hip hip hooray!!!!

I want to get out and play tomorrow. I have yet to do that this year and this will probably be the last opportunity for awhile. I want to get some good pictures and promise to post.

Speaking of posting. I have not been posting my daily blessings, but I am still doing them, well, daily! I will try to get a collage type picture and post them all at once. I do have one that I promised my "prend" I would post. I am so thankful for all my wonderful friends and family.
I am also thankful for my "Prends".
{you know who you are!!!} ;-)


Scrapjacked - Amy Lapi

Okay, I have not done the Scrapjacked challenge in AGES! This one was a good one and I had to do it.
I took this picture of Hadley and Kyle on February 23rd on our family bowling trip for Hadley's birthday.
We had a blast and I took lots of pictures (as usual). I love this one of my little brothers. They are each so different and unique and I'm proud of both of them.
I used some of my SIStv Boutique Style Phyle from February called Kitschy Kitschy Koo. It's a new fun & funky monthly kit that I signed up for. It has odds and ends - a lot of vintage-y stuff (like this smiley face playing card) and the ultra cool houndstooth gaffer tape. I cannot stress how much I love the Boutique and their wonderful customer service.

Winter to Spring to Winter

This weather has been so completely crazy! From Friday until Sunday I thought 'whoa baby! It's finally spring!"

Woke up today....HELLLOOOO SNOW! I don't have a clue how much we have but it's still falling and is so pretty. Another snow day, but I would trade it for 75 degrees and the sun again.


March One

I cannot express the giddy-ness I am feeling over this:
I think these are my favorite flowers. Not only are they pretty, but I love them mainly because when they come along it means Spring is not far behind! We've had two mild days and they just popped out. Love love love!
I know I'm jumping the gun here...I have been for quite awhile, but Spring is such a great time of year. Colors are vibrant and nature wakes up. I do hope that we don't have a huge deep freeze again this year after everything buds and blooms.

Spent the afternoon with Mom today on the farm...It was a great day and we rode the four wheeler around...me with the camera in tow.

I took several pics of us riding along. I love mom's earmuffs! SHe's been sick so I was glad she felt like getting out a little, but glad she bundled up a little. We look a little scary, but how attractive can you be flying along on a four wheeler!?

This was an interesting find. After we met up with my aunt, crossed the creek (where my socks and jeans got wet - thanks mom!) and rode around a little while, Kathi (my aunt) was telling me about tree that she thinks is an old Indian marking tree. After a search, we found the tree she remembered. Something about how the natives tied off the trees and they would grown sideways and then up. I took lots of pictures and want to try to find out a little more about this.
Upon closer inspection, some type of varmit evidently calls the tree home and is gathering twigs, feathers and other little items in a pile on the bend of the tree.
If you know any information on this Indian tree marking thing, please let me know. Thanks.