Prom Night #1

Well, it is the big night for prom. We (Alex, Tracy & I) had a fun day of getting ready. This is Calico Rock's Prom and Alex is going with Russell Dust, her official "BF". They looked completely adorable! She has another prom (her own at Highland) to go to in a couple of weeks, but she's going with a friend to that one, so it won't be so "romantical!" ;)
So glad Tracy hung out and helped Alex and I with her make-up and making the afternoon fun. Those girls have been through a lot together and I know Alex was happy she was there.
Several of Alex's other friends came by to see them off. Poor Russell was probably overwhelmed by all the crazy girls! They thought he looked like Matt Damon!
Tracy, Leann, Alex, Bailey, and Ashley

Can't wait for the full prom report when Alex gets home.

I hope it was all dreamy and fun for them!


jeanie oliver said...

Oh my gosh,
Alex should be little still, where has the time gone. She is beautiful and the hair, make-up , and dress just magnify this fact.
p.s. -we think the girl in the visa check card commercial where they are trying to get into the movie on time looks just like Brooke.

*kim* said...

Tell me about it! They just grown up too fast.
{I gotta see that commercial. :D}