More wild weather...Flood of 08

It's been the strangest weather year that i ever remember. Straight line winds, F4 tornado, Snow, Ice, Spring, now floods!
One of my favorite places in the world is the Spring River - laying in the river listening to the falls in the middle of summer with the sun beating down...ahh nothing like it...

This is the Spring River today: RAGING way out of it's banks:

This is looking at Loberg Park - Please notice the flag pole and tops of the basketball goal and other playground equipment.

We were at the park last Fall for 4H day and here is a view from the park back toward the bridge where I took the flood pic today. In fact that is the same big tree you see in both pictures directly behind the flagpole in the flood pic and covering the flagpole in this one. Pretty Crazy stuff.

Here are some more pics from the other side. To the right is the railroad tracks...If you look carefully toward the top you can see tracks coming out of the water.

These are houses built on the river on stilts. Needless to say they had to evacuate yesterday.
I think the rain has finally stopped. Now we all have to dry out!

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