Easter, cakes, birthdays, oh my!

I don't know if I can possibly fit in everything from this weekend with a single post. First, it was Molly Grace's 3rd birthday on Friday and she had a big time at her party on Saturday. Gotta love Spongebob cake!

We had a little cookout last night at Cody & Amy's with Tony & Jennifer & kids, along with Alex, her friend Tia and Russell. The kids (yes, even the big kids) dyed Easter eggs.

And Walker had to make a volcano for school, so Tony & Cody helped him out.

Easter Sunday (today) was just fantastic! So glad the day was sunny...cold, yes, but the blue sky and sunshine was just what the doctor ordered! Church was so good today with the wonderful Easter message of our risen Jesus. A full house today with 75 in Sunday School and over 125 for preaching hour. The music was uplifting!

After church of course, food! Check out Mom's cake:

Lot's of other pics from the day...will post more tomorrow.

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CandiMandi said...

Cute cake! :) Gotta love sponge bob! haha