Post 200

Nothing in particular to blog about - well, besides the massive amount of snow that has been dumped on us! (pictures to follow later)

I just wanted to this post to be special since it's my 200th! Wow, I cannot believe it, but happy 200th post to me and my blog!

I feel like I need a cake or something...wait, there's donuts, that'll work!

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jeanie oliver said...

Hi Miss Kim
I found you through the EIC blog!
I didn't realize that we had so much in common. I too love photography, American Idol, and scrapbooking. Although scrapbooking is something I just started. Also, we have Amy and Cody in common, of course!
Great pics-my email is
and my blog is
Drop me a line and give me your email if you want. I'll add you to my family list and we'll keep better in touch
lots of love
Jeanie Oliver-I'll also start checking your blog each day