After getting Alex's show outfit patterns in the mail yesterday, I have made a teeny tiny progress...I have taken measurements and cut out the pants. Not much, but a start.

As much as I love to sew and create, I do not like being under the gun on a deadline, yet that is the place I am on this.

My checklist: pants and jacket for Alex, pants and jacket for Molly. All matching/coordinating. Also another shirt for Alex. Don't know how it will be possible to finish all of this, especially since I don't even have all the materials I need yet, but I'm going to try really hard.

Unfortunately, some of my other creating may suffer and that makes me sad. :(

Since I'm feeling a little stressed out about all these projects, I think I need a happy picture to offset my stress.

Ahhhh there, that's better! :)

I did finish my BLS for March's T2T swap over at SIStv. I had gotten some really great stuff from Tracy (Tallynt) to use in my layout. Everything shown was in the BLS, except for the white cardstock, orange background (although it was in my T2T) and the "Discover" rubon. I've got to get my box packed up and in the mail this week. Looking forward to April's trash!

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tallynt said...

love how you BLS came out. Love the color combo you ended up with and how you used all of the materials. Very very cool.