Big Hair

Okay, so on SIStv, there was challenge to change our profile pics/avatars to show our hair so jacked up it needs to be drug tested for steroid use! Well, I'm home sick today and must be pretty foggy from cold meds cause I cannot believe I am posting these, but here goes. While looking through some old pictures from high school and college (the 80's!) I came across some real goodies of myself. What WAS I thinking? Seriously, these are atrocious.

This was one from probably 10th grade, circa 1985. Me and a friend were "pretending" we were modeling. I've got the serious look going on. Oh, and this Gasoline denim jacket was one of my most prized possessions (thanks Mom for buying it for me!). it had zip out sleeves, so you could wear it as a vest too. I'm all about some versatile clothing! Dang I wish I was still that skinny.

I actually liked my hair here, it was a sprial perm with some highlights, but not too terribly big.

Okay this one is my Senior year, circa 1988, and I post this one only to show you just how tall my bangs could get at times! HelllllllOOOOO to some major hair spray. And don't you dig my black & white animal print? I was such a trendsetter! LOLNot real certain when this was, but probably somewhere from 88-90. It's just awful I think. This picture has gotten discolored, because my hair was never red! Not sure what's up with that. I never thought of myself as having a mullet, but this is pretty darn close to looking mullet-like...gross!

Okay, next we have freshman year of college 88-89 and this is a lot of hair I'm sporting. Notice the sexiness of the over the shoulder swooped look I've got. I know, it's pretty hot, but don't be a hater, k? Again my hair was not really red...weird how these old pics get discolored.

GAG me! <----yes that too is from the 80's!

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