March One

I cannot express the giddy-ness I am feeling over this:
I think these are my favorite flowers. Not only are they pretty, but I love them mainly because when they come along it means Spring is not far behind! We've had two mild days and they just popped out. Love love love!
I know I'm jumping the gun here...I have been for quite awhile, but Spring is such a great time of year. Colors are vibrant and nature wakes up. I do hope that we don't have a huge deep freeze again this year after everything buds and blooms.

Spent the afternoon with Mom today on the farm...It was a great day and we rode the four wheeler around...me with the camera in tow.

I took several pics of us riding along. I love mom's earmuffs! SHe's been sick so I was glad she felt like getting out a little, but glad she bundled up a little. We look a little scary, but how attractive can you be flying along on a four wheeler!?

This was an interesting find. After we met up with my aunt, crossed the creek (where my socks and jeans got wet - thanks mom!) and rode around a little while, Kathi (my aunt) was telling me about tree that she thinks is an old Indian marking tree. After a search, we found the tree she remembered. Something about how the natives tied off the trees and they would grown sideways and then up. I took lots of pictures and want to try to find out a little more about this.
Upon closer inspection, some type of varmit evidently calls the tree home and is gathering twigs, feathers and other little items in a pile on the bend of the tree.
If you know any information on this Indian tree marking thing, please let me know. Thanks.

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