snow and prends

WOW, it is really piling up out there tonight and is supposed to continue through tomorrow. I am so wishing for Spring, but this snow is pretty cool AND I don't have to work tomorrow...hip hip hooray!!!!

I want to get out and play tomorrow. I have yet to do that this year and this will probably be the last opportunity for awhile. I want to get some good pictures and promise to post.

Speaking of posting. I have not been posting my daily blessings, but I am still doing them, well, daily! I will try to get a collage type picture and post them all at once. I do have one that I promised my "prend" I would post. I am so thankful for all my wonderful friends and family.
I am also thankful for my "Prends".
{you know who you are!!!} ;-)

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Judy said...

Thank you for posting "my" pink flamingo blessings card! I am so blessed to have you as a "Prend"!!