Scrapjacked - Amy Lapi

Okay, I have not done the Scrapjacked challenge in AGES! This one was a good one and I had to do it.
I took this picture of Hadley and Kyle on February 23rd on our family bowling trip for Hadley's birthday.
We had a blast and I took lots of pictures (as usual). I love this one of my little brothers. They are each so different and unique and I'm proud of both of them.
I used some of my SIStv Boutique Style Phyle from February called Kitschy Kitschy Koo. It's a new fun & funky monthly kit that I signed up for. It has odds and ends - a lot of vintage-y stuff (like this smiley face playing card) and the ultra cool houndstooth gaffer tape. I cannot stress how much I love the Boutique and their wonderful customer service.

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