my Etsy

A couple of years ago when a lady I met told me about her daughter taking pictures of things that looked like letters and turning those into words, I thought "I can do that!"  I kind of put a twist on it and started taking pictures of things in nature and the rural area I live that looked like letters.

After an online scrapbooking friend suggested I should sell these letters and actually purchased a whole set of my letters to display in her elementary classroom, I decided to just go for it!

Country Text was born.

Now, even though I have sold several prints to friends, family and strangers through my Etsy shop, it's definitely not one of those things that will pay the bills or make me "quit my day job!"  However, I  feel such a sense of satisfaction in knowing people actually have my photography displayed on their wall!

It made me truly feel like an artist in a sense!

I hope to keep expanding on this little side venture and continue to have people appreciate my work.

Etsy - Country Text