happy birthday & hodge podge

sorry I've been mia again - just busy -
The birthday girl (last week)
getting her mini album.
I think she liked it! :)
Let's just say she LOVES gifts!
I mean she REALLY loves gifts!
She is the most fun person in my family to get a gift for, just to watch her open it!
for example:She LOOOOOVES snowmen too.
I think she loves these two cutie pies also!
Another part of my life has been consumed with this project:
Finished the jacket itself over the weekend but my swarovski crystals didn't arrive as I hoped they would on Saturday, but I got them today. YEA!
More photos later in the week I'm sure.

I did get some time to scrap...very little time, but I did this fun challenge from SIStv, posted by Angie Backen.
There was a sketch, then you had to add some elements like stamping, a flower, monochrome patterned paper, and the word LIVE.
Fun little challenge indeed.

Speaking of challenges...I'm really excited about Point Blank Period's challenge going live tomorrow. Check it if you want to have some fun - with some fun chicks too!

Although the Swarovski didn't come on Saturday, I did get some rather happy mail....
my September kit from Crazy Daisy Kit Co.
Here's a little sneak of another layout I did this weekend:
And the guest designers just keep getting better and better...This month is the uber talented Celine Navarro! Ummmm, HELLO Awesome!

This kit is bound for a sell out, seriously!

See, I've been a busy little bee...I didn't even mention work and that's where I've spent the majority of my time.

over and out...gotta get the bling rockin' on that jacket.


more mini love

The mini that was in the August Crazy Daisy Kit was too cute for words.
In fact, it was so cute, I could not decide what I wanted to do with it.
I thought at first about a home decor project, but I thought what better way to use such a cute product than to give it as a gift!
I ended up making a scrapbook gift for my Aunt Joyce.
I am pretty sure she loved it! :)
This book even came in a cute canvas bag, that I did some spraypaint masking on. I then used some Zig photo pens to colorize it.
I'm really excited to begin creating with the September kit!

It is out of this world! Sneaks to come soon. :)

happy weekend.


my weekend

has been filled with the likes of this:
And this:

The zebra jacket is for Alex to wear in Queens at the State horseshow in a couple of weeks. It's been a breeze compared to the likes of this: Vegas and this booger.

This one only needs sleeves and a hem - and the cherry on top: the bling!
More on that progress later this week.

The little mini is from August's Crazy Daisy Kit. I'll post more pics from it later also.

Speaking of Crazy Daisy....here is a little sneak of September's kit:
I know...it's gonna be good!
Excited to get my hands on this one! :)
Pre-Order yours today!

Looking forward to a good/productive week!


More August love

I've so enjoyed the August kit from Crazy Daisy (sold out, sorry) :(
It just dawned on me that the only layouts I posted no my blog are my July Journey pages and another August page. Here are a few more with my August kit.

I wanted to experiment with the fake TTV photos I've been seeing.
Just Googled TTV tutorial and found a real simple one for Photoshop. I love these pictures of Colby and Alex on the beach last month.
I'll be doing more of these.

I still have my awesome mini book from this month's kit. I have this great plan for it, but have simply not had the opportunity to sit down and do it. I am hoping to get it done this weekend.

If you want in on September's kit, go ahead and get over there and sign up - there is a sneak peek of September's kit and I'm excited to see more!


Somewhere over the...

a nasty little storm blew up this afternoon.
but it left this most beautiful painting in my favorite color: ROY G. BIV.


the party is over!

I have been on somewhat of a pity party this week ---- I blame hormones!

I then get so angry with myself when I think about it. Why should I have a pity party?

I have a great job that I love (most of the time)
I have a fantastic family.
I live in a beautiful community.
I am fairly intelligent.
I have hobbies that I'm passionate about.
I am free to worship a forgiving God.
AND, I have great friends!

I want to be a better friend to my friends (does that make sense?), therefore I surround myself with friends who have characteristics that I relish! (hoping they will rub off I suppose)

I consider Karla one of those people. She remembers everything. If you mention you like something, she'll remember it! It can be something so minor and insignificant but she always remembers! I am amazed by her thoughtfulness.

I am also amazed at how she can work (more than a 40 hour week mind you), serve on many boards and community organizations, and still have time to garden, can her goodies, be "gram" to her grandbabies, wife, sister, aunt, stepmother, daughter, and FRIEND.

She has shared many of her garden goodies with me and others. Just this week she shared a jar of her homemade blackberry jelly.
I enjoyed said jelly on toast this evening as a late night snack. YUM!
It was a great reminder to me of how blessed I am in so many ways.
My pity party is over and I plan to face the rest of week (hormones or not) with a positive outlook and better attitude.

...and to all my friends & family whether in person or online, thanks for your kind words, emails, thoughtful gifts, laughs, and cries!


The Journey has come to an end!

Okay, so I am not going to lie....
I'm super glad this project is finally complete!
Now don't get me wrong...I totally enjoyed July and all its journeys.
I even enjoyed the process of putting this little mini-book together.
And working with July & August kits from Crazy Daisy Kit Co. in the process.

What I didn't enjoy was trying to fit everything I wanted to do-- including completing this book in a non-stressful, leisurely way-- into this crazy month that was July 2009!

I am happy that I finished this book and know I will treasure it as much as the one I completed in December.
So I had to photoshop out the actual recipe!
Sorry, but it's my aunt's recipe and it's not my place to share it in blogoshere!
Yes, I know August 1st is not in July. I just had to include that as being the last day of our County fair and it seemed appropriate to be in there!
Hey, it's my journey, I can include August 1st if I wanna! :)

(never mind that little green dude in the photo above! Apparently bugs want to be part of the journeys of July!)So for this back cover I used the packaging from my Heidi Swapp stickers that were in the August kit.
I just thought those sentiments really wrapped up my July so well!
I love that I can look at that last photo and see little pieces of my life from last month.

I always get melancholy when August gets here. I am a true Spring/Summer lover at heart and it makes me sad when summer starts coming to an end.

More layouts from August's kit later.
And let me remind you that kits are still available, but don't wait too long and miss out.


August LO & July Journey updates

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Photo heavy warning*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

So I am finally ready to post some new pages from my July Journey.
I have not updated yet, as a lot of these are using the latest and greatest kit from Crazy Daisy Kit Co.

I will post in chronological order and mind you there is quite a mix of products...some from July and other past kits from CDK and some stuff from my stash on hand.

I promise I'm almost done with this project and will try to update over the weekend sometime.

Here is the full layout from the sneak peek earlier this week.
I actually really like how this page turned out.
That Jenni Bowlin paper is to die for really!
And we all know about my gesso & Sharpie crush!

The scripture, in case you cannot make it out from the photo: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

More to come - this kit is overflowing with loveliness!
AND, you must.....MUST, I tell you.....go over and check out the add-on kit for August.
Add on photos (click on the first row of photos for a peek at that cuteness!)

BUT, Wait, there's more....The awesome and talented Debee Campos - queen of spraypaint and darn cutie patootie, is guest designing this month....goodness gracious that girl is creative.

Now don't let me scare you or anything, but the last couple month's kits have sold out and this one is sure to also, so get your tush on over there!