the latest reason

... for my lack of posting:Yes, I have been working on yet another horseshow costume for Alex...and still have to make the mini-me version for Molly.
I am very happy with how it turned out and I think they will look great in these royal blue beauties (there are pants to match). I still have some careful ironing to do on this...when I say careful, I mean-those white appliques are actually vinyl, so guess what??? they do melt with the ever so slight touch of the iron.

How do I know you ask?
Yes, experience my bloggy friends. I was ill, but made it work... I figure once the crystals are on there no one will ever notice my flub.
do you?????

If anyone thinks these outfits aren't worth the money one must pay to purchase one - as I once thought...boy are you wrong. I honestly don't know if I would have the patience or enough hair to pull out, to make these things for others.

Tedious is not the word.


Anonymous said...

It turned out beautiful!! And, you didn't even have my help!! Ha,Ha,Ha!!! You are very talented and one day when Alex is old like us, she will treasure the things that you spent thousands of hours making. Instead of family heirloom quilts, our family will have heirloom horse show outfits!
Love ya,

Casey said...

AMAZING! I sew, very poorly, so I can just imagine how difficult it was!