NSD layout

My goal was one scrapbook page this weekend to celebrate National Scrapbook Day.
YEA ME!!!!
I did finish this one at, oh around midnight-thirty last night (this morning). It was from a challenge over on SIStv. THey've had a challenge or event every hour on the hour since Friday sometime. Those Fashionistas have to be exhausted by now.

I also tackled my craft/sewing space this afternoon. Something I have been wanting to do. I cleaned and reorganized and it looks SSSOOOOOOO much better. It was getting pretty darn yucky I must admit. Now, I am ready to get those DARNED show outfits done. I have set myself a deadline...I have this week and next to complete Alex's jacket and start and finish Molly's jacket and pants.

Here are a couple of photos from yesterday's horseshow...

Austin eating his vienna sausage in his sock hat and rubber boots. (it was coolish, but not this cold!) He's a fun one to photograph.No, it is not Mr. Ed...it is Missy - the pleasure horse Alex rides...THIS is a great look for her, don't cha think? She is so danged hornery!And last but certainly never least is Molly in her Elmo PJ's being so sleepy and fighing her momma tooth and nail. She is making her "mad" face. I swear this kid cracks me up. I love the way this photo turned out. Definitely scrap material right here! For anyone out there who reads this silly little blog of mine, I would appreciate if you would say a little prayer for a lady named Lisa Hail (not sure of the spelling). She is the wife of a trainer who shows with us and on her way to the show yesterday she was in a horrific accident in Searcy where a cross tie and sign came out of another vehicle and struck her in the face through the windshield. She is in UAMS and has some critical injuries. I'm sure she and her family would appreciate any extra prayers being lifted up for her.


jeanie oliver said...

wonderful post--the pic of the little boy with the cap--priceless.
did you get the address of my 2nd, new blog in your email--I like this so much, I'm runnin' two for my blogopals

*kim* said...

Thanks J!

I did get your email with the 2nd blog, but have not had much opportunity to peruse...will be checking that out for sure.