How does my garden grow?

I love Love LOVE the idea of gardening, it just aligns with my creative nature and loving to do something productive and pretty on my own. I do not, however, nor have ever claimed to be a "gardener" or have a "green thumb" at all. My attempt at a small garden a few years back had a nice production of yellow squash and one or two tomatoes. Everything else? Pretty much a flop. I have over the years tried to keep a few flowers and love to grow zinnias. I have transplated several tulip and iris bulbs and they have done fairly well. These beauties I transplanted last fall and I am extremely thrilled with the results.

I'm also posting these twice as before and afters just because I want to share the difference in what a little photoshop action can do for a picture. I used some of the Pioneer Woman free actions she has on her blog. The results are so worth it I think.

Happy Weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Love the tulips! They are my favorite. You need to come see my garden this weekend.