After sending this site to Jeanie earlier this week becuase I knew she would enjoy doing these photo challenges with all the great pics she's been taking lately, she has now inspired me to jump on...

Maz had posted about herspace-myspace on the SIStv board awhile back and even though I love to look at all the loveliness I have yet to actually do the challenge until today.
So without further ado, here is today's post: Beast
The opposite of Beauty, and partner to Belle. Whether you have the mini type or the large type, show us Beast in your space.

{disclamer: Gray Kitty is not really a beast, but I thought his look here was fitting!}


etteY said...

raaaaaawrrr lol! great kitty shot :) and welcome to Herspace-Myspace!

** about the strikethrough, no one bothered to teach me, lol! guess i have to find it myself, don't worry i would be glad to share it with you :)

thank you for visiting my blog.

have a good one :)


etteY said...

hi kim, it's me again, and guess what?! i found it! yipppeee!!! i know how to put a strikethrough now :D

here's how it goes.


you just have to remove the asterisk before and after the code. try it :)

maz said...

Hi Kim and welcome to HS:MS! And a great pic to start, with your beastly cat! Looing forward to more!

Eleanor said...

Hello Kim, well I can't resist a cat, even one showing his, um, less lovely side. Great shot.

maz said...

I don't believe it! You were above me in the 'Visit the blog above you' thread on SIS! So my second visit of the day... we must be destined to be friends:)

jeanie oliver said...

here we go! I saw your comment on one of the other girls beast posts and had a sneaky suspicion that I had better get on over here to your blog.
mean looking kitty,you got there--and how to you get words on your photo-