An eel minion of the sea witch Ursula from the Little Mermaid or debris found floating in the water without having been throw deliberately, show us Flotsam in your space

Since I'm nowhere near a significant body of water, plus at work most of the day, I've had to shop the archives for a picture from Daytona Beach, Florida last year when we were in Florida for my stepdaughter's wedding. I do see some bits and pieces of flotsam in this picture, although the puffed up looking little birdie is probably thinking "hey, I ain't no flotsam, lady!"

loving these fun challenges and seeing all the other interpretations.



Not the Margarine but one of the Fairy Godmothers to Sleeping Beauty who fell asleep for 100 years, show us Flora in your space.

First in a couple of days. This is mom's rosebush with the old barn in the background - now it's gone and partially in mom's new room edition!
Yay for barnwood.


Holiday weekend so far....

just sharing some photos from some of our weekend. Fish cookout at Marcus & Brandi's on Saturday evening. The kiddos had a ball playing on all of Molly's rides.
love this pic of mom with Rita and Buffy Sunday after church.
James, Brody and I took a little ride down to the river and Brody had his first "swim". He was more than apprehensive, but he decided it wasn't near as bad as the huge Great Dane that was hanging around trying to intimidate him.Looking forward to hearing all about Alex's trip to St. Louis and Six Flags. Hope she'll have some photos to share as well.


A friend of Lilo's from outer Space - show us Stitch in your space
Stitch has been in my space for quite some time as I'm trying to finish these horseshow costumes. In fact, I've seen more stitch than I care to lately! Almost done though... yippee!



herspace - myspace - two days in a row...yay me!

Goofy: mate of Mickey's, protruding teeth, to act in a silly manner or something a bit daft.Show us Goofy in your space...
Here is my take on Goofy:
That Jacob is always doing something goofy...which is why I love the little booger!



After sending this site to Jeanie earlier this week becuase I knew she would enjoy doing these photo challenges with all the great pics she's been taking lately, she has now inspired me to jump on...

Maz had posted about herspace-myspace on the SIStv board awhile back and even though I love to look at all the loveliness I have yet to actually do the challenge until today.
So without further ado, here is today's post: Beast
The opposite of Beauty, and partner to Belle. Whether you have the mini type or the large type, show us Beast in your space.

{disclamer: Gray Kitty is not really a beast, but I thought his look here was fitting!}


American Idol

So so excited that David Cook won tonight!
I had resigned myself that Archuleta would win and that would have been fine too. He is so awesome, but I just thought it would be cool if the "rocker dude" in the group won it finally, I mean let's face it, Chris Daughtry got gypped so bad a few years ago.
Anyway, I'm a diehard AI fan - and have not blogged too much about it but I had to give props to both Davids and all - well most - of the contestants this year. Brooke - love her, Jason - OMG he is awesome! Michael Johns, left way way too soon I thought. Syesha was oozing with talent.
Okay, I'm rambling, but I really, really enjoyed this season and cannot wait to see what comes of these contestants once the dust settles and the tour ends.


Jazz Hands

Just a fun little picture from the weekend.
An alternate title is "Michael Jackson".

Which one do you think better captures the look?


the latest reason

... for my lack of posting:Yes, I have been working on yet another horseshow costume for Alex...and still have to make the mini-me version for Molly.
I am very happy with how it turned out and I think they will look great in these royal blue beauties (there are pants to match). I still have some careful ironing to do on this...when I say careful, I mean-those white appliques are actually vinyl, so guess what??? they do melt with the ever so slight touch of the iron.

How do I know you ask?
Yes, experience my bloggy friends. I was ill, but made it work... I figure once the crystals are on there no one will ever notice my flub.
do you?????

If anyone thinks these outfits aren't worth the money one must pay to purchase one - as I once thought...boy are you wrong. I honestly don't know if I would have the patience or enough hair to pull out, to make these things for others.

Tedious is not the word.



How cool is it that those tulips from the prior post were mine and my mil's Mother's Day gift from Cody and Amy last Mother's Day!?!? I had transplanted them in the fall and forgotten where I had gotten them. (old age...sorry)

So, thanks C&A for the beauty you added to my flowerbed and my blog! :D


How does my garden grow?

I love Love LOVE the idea of gardening, it just aligns with my creative nature and loving to do something productive and pretty on my own. I do not, however, nor have ever claimed to be a "gardener" or have a "green thumb" at all. My attempt at a small garden a few years back had a nice production of yellow squash and one or two tomatoes. Everything else? Pretty much a flop. I have over the years tried to keep a few flowers and love to grow zinnias. I have transplated several tulip and iris bulbs and they have done fairly well. These beauties I transplanted last fall and I am extremely thrilled with the results.

I'm also posting these twice as before and afters just because I want to share the difference in what a little photoshop action can do for a picture. I used some of the Pioneer Woman free actions she has on her blog. The results are so worth it I think.

Happy Weekend!


yard sale find

Been meaning to photograph this cool find from a quick yard sale stop a week or so ago. I spent a whole whopping 75 cents on this and a couple of other sewing notions and foam paint brushes. I thought a fine deal indeed! I saw this old rubber stamp holder and knew instantly it was going home with me to live on my scrap shelf to hold what few (one or two) rubber stamps I have. I found some other goodies to go on there too! I had to explain to Alex what it was.


NSD layout

My goal was one scrapbook page this weekend to celebrate National Scrapbook Day.
YEA ME!!!!
I did finish this one at, oh around midnight-thirty last night (this morning). It was from a challenge over on SIStv. THey've had a challenge or event every hour on the hour since Friday sometime. Those Fashionistas have to be exhausted by now.

I also tackled my craft/sewing space this afternoon. Something I have been wanting to do. I cleaned and reorganized and it looks SSSOOOOOOO much better. It was getting pretty darn yucky I must admit. Now, I am ready to get those DARNED show outfits done. I have set myself a deadline...I have this week and next to complete Alex's jacket and start and finish Molly's jacket and pants.

Here are a couple of photos from yesterday's horseshow...

Austin eating his vienna sausage in his sock hat and rubber boots. (it was coolish, but not this cold!) He's a fun one to photograph.No, it is not Mr. Ed...it is Missy - the pleasure horse Alex rides...THIS is a great look for her, don't cha think? She is so danged hornery!And last but certainly never least is Molly in her Elmo PJ's being so sleepy and fighing her momma tooth and nail. She is making her "mad" face. I swear this kid cracks me up. I love the way this photo turned out. Definitely scrap material right here! For anyone out there who reads this silly little blog of mine, I would appreciate if you would say a little prayer for a lady named Lisa Hail (not sure of the spelling). She is the wife of a trainer who shows with us and on her way to the show yesterday she was in a horrific accident in Searcy where a cross tie and sign came out of another vehicle and struck her in the face through the windshield. She is in UAMS and has some critical injuries. I'm sure she and her family would appreciate any extra prayers being lifted up for her.


week in review

Wow, it's been quite a busy week and I feel like I've neglected this blog. It is such a crazy time of year, with end of year school stuff, and other springtime festivities - i love it though!
I did get one scrappy project done for a couple of challenges sites. I did a "two-fer" with this page for the Color Combos Challenge and the Dreamgirls challenge. I 'stolt' these pics of Brooke from her myspace so I could capture her big runway gig she did last month after winning that Sync Weekly search.

We also finished up Alex's room re-do, which I did post about already this week.
Alex's FFA Banquet was this week and it was quite enjoyable. Alex is an officer and had some speaking parts during the evening. She nailed it and did very well. It was a little sad since Seth is graduating this year. Seth and Alex have been buddies for .... well, forever it seems. They've been like brother and sister and he horseshowed with us for several years. Another one of Alex and Sami (she's also an officer). A good banquet this year, I especially enjoyed the slideshow they put together.
This week is also the big Melbourne Pioneer Day weekend, so my crew rode horses over - as usual. With the storm going through early in the morning they got a later start than usual, but I found them after work and snapped a couple of pictures of the riders. The day turned out so nice for them thankfully.
I then went back to Melbourne for the Homecoming Gospel Singing. Robert and Joe Rex had several numbers and they did fantastic...of course...but I'm a little partial! :) Joe got a standing ovation for one of his songs and a lady gave him a five when the show was over. That kid is seriously amazing.
The coolest part was them dedicating a song to Granny and Pa Hutch called "Wake Up Dancing." All I can say is "WOW!" I am quite sure there was not a dry eye in the Hutchison family. Several of the songs they did are from Gordon Mote. I found the lyrics to this song:
Wake up Dancin'

He pulled that straight-back wicker chair
Up next to grandpa's bed
And with a voice left weak by pain
His grandpa softly said

Could you get my cowboy boots
And that gold pocket watch of mine
And bring me my Sunday suit
With the vest that's satin-lined

When he saw the sadness in his grandson's eyes
He said I've got to be prepared
Because I'm going home tonight

I'm gonna waltz across the Heavens
While a band of angels play
I'm gonna two-step on some stardust
A million miles away

You'll never have a new beginning
Until you reach the end
And these old legs are gonna come to life again
Gonna wake up dancin'

He said if it's not too much trouble
There's one thing left to do
Since I'm going to see your grandma
Could you get her favorite shoes

The ones with those ribbons
Red and trimmed in white
The last time she had them on
I believe we danced all night

And why she left them here it's plain to see
Your grandma never danced with anyone but me

And we're gonna waltz across the Heavens
While a band of angels play
We're gonna two-step on some stardust
A million miles away

You'll never have a new beginning
Until you reach the end
And these old legs are gonna come to life again

We're gonna waltz across the Heavens
While a band of angels play
We're gonna two-step on some stardust
A million miles away

I'll never have a new beginning
Until I reach the end
And these old legs are gonna come to life again

Gonna wake up dancin'
Gonna wake up dancin'
Wake up dancin'
I ended up helping in the sound booth with the laptop. It was a great show with some major talented local folks! Here is Rob and Joe singing the fishing song, also by Gordon Mote. It is a fun song and has such a cool message.

Whew! What a week! I didn't even tell you about all teh sewing I worked on. I am SO READY TO FINISH these horsehow outfits. The one I'm working on now is a real booger, very slow and tedious. I think it will be worth it if I can ever get them done. I'll try to post a sneak peek another day.

Today is National Scrapbook Day...a national holiday in my world! :) Even though it will be a busy weekend, my goal is one scrappy project. Wish me luck! I'll probably find a challenge over at SIStv to give me some inspo.

So I leave you dear blog with a "Happy Scrapbook Day" to you and yours!