Hey HAY!

I love the way fresh round bales of hay look when they are still in the hayfield. The pattern they make is so unique. It is weird that you take grass and cut it and roll it up and it becomes so valuable to those with livestock. I've never really thought much about it, but the person or persons who thought of baling hay were very inventive - pretty brilliant actually. I took a ton of pictures in the hayfield this afternoon and hope to use them for some scrapping. Here is another one of an old farm implement that belonged to my Pa Hutch and is still at the edge of this hayfield, for who knows how long!

There are many other pictures, but enough for now. I just enjoyed getting out with Mom on her four-wheeler and driving around the farm. It was a DIVINE afternoon! The bonus part was that this was my Friday...woo hoo, I'm digging these 3 day weekends so far. I think it is because I'm utilizing some time off and not working the full 10 hour days. Those are stinkers let.me.tell.you. It just makes so much difference to only work 9 hours - weird really what difference one hour makes. Anyway, back to this afternoon. I wanted to go see the hay and take some pictures and Mom was showing me stuff, like the plow, (which i have seen a dozen times by the way) but I had never photographed so that was cool. We looked at some daisies in the field, found some pretty yellow cactus flowers, smelled a skunk (yuck) and admired all her pretties in her yard. Great afternoon, definite SBing material!
I was actually wanting to do a challenge on One Little Word a new site that posts a word and you scrap it. Pretty simple rules really. The first word was "Go" and there were some clever LO's that I saw. I didn't ever get around to doing the word, but I really have something that I think I'll try this for this one, which is "Stop". {Clever, huh? Go...Stop.} Anway, I will be posting it when or if I get it done.


Koosh ball

I absolutely adore these groovy-squishy- rubber balls. If you need something to take out aggressions or stress, make the small investment in a Koosh at your local wally world or here or here or I'm sure any other local discounter.


creating and remembering

In the spirit of Memorial Day i have done a lot of reflecting this weekend. Along with the abundance of time I have spent at my little crafting table, and the barbeque slash graduation slash memorial day get together at slick rock, and the cookout at C&A's, I have enjoyed being able to reflect on my loved ones who have gone on. I am so thankful for each of them!
We had a tragedy in our community this weekend and that family who lost a child who is a year younger than Alex has been heavy on my heart and mind. I have prayed for comfort for them and feel really sad for them for losing a precious child.
On a brighter note, i have spent a lot of time creating and have thoroughly enjoyed it!!! These "whatnotclutches" as I have named them have been so much fun to make. I had brainstormed and sketched some ideas for bags and purses i have been wanting to make, but decided to use these leftover pieces of felt from a poster project of Alex's to craft these clutches. Not sure what I'm going to do with them. probably give them away - aren't they adorable though??? I've had more fun putting these quickies together.

I also finished Tiffany's grad gift and Leif's grad gift. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of Leif's before giving it. Here is the beginning stages of Tiffany's album. I originally thought this would be very "cowboyish" and western, and it does hint to that, I like how it is girly too. I hope she likes it.

Another fun project that had hit me one night quite some time ago, I decided to complete yesterday evening and am so excited in how it turned out. The idea was to make a little chipboard book for a bride to jot down her "bridal" memories. I wanted it to be very feminine and lacy. I'm thinking this one will go on eBay, but I'm not sure yet.

Here is a taste of this one.

Off to finish laundry and savor my last few hours of the long weekend. {maybe i'll even choose to get out of my p.j.s! ;) }


Angus aka 'bubby' or 'bub' or 'little man'

I highly doubt there has ever been a cuter/sweeter/loyaler (is that a word?) dog than this little sweetheart. I mean look at those eyes. Eyes that are full of love for his mommy (that would be me!) Anyone who does not have a dog is simply missing out on a blessing. Granted they are work too, they can be a pain in the bo-hinny at times and can destroy something in a split second, but the reward of their undying love far outweighs all of that. He is there no matter what...he doesn't care if I have bedhead or bad breath.
I've always heard this saying: "Dog is God spelled backwards." I think there is a little truth to that statement. God is there for us no matter what too. He doesn't care what we look like, smell like or what kind of day we've had, he is always there waiting for us, just like our dogs! I know it's a little far-fetched to make a statement comparing my dog and God, but it is a similar relationship. I go to work and, no, I don't totally forget about Angus, but I go about my daily life, and it never fails Angus is here waiting for me when I return. Same thing with God, at times...I go about my daily life and although I don't totally forget about Him or my faith, but just go about my little life routines, and when I return, God is always there waiting for me. Sometimes this can rock on for awhile where I'm away for days or weeks or even years, but He's there everytime, and although I've never been away from my dog for more than a few days at a time, I fully believe if spent a long time away from him, he would be there tail wagging, ready to receive my love.
Okay, I've rambled on about my weird analogy long enough. I was simply going to post a picture of Angus and talk about how great and how cute he is, but sometimes the oddest things pop into my head!
BTW, he is adorable and I love him greatly. Yes, he can be annoying at times with all his barking, but "hello" that is the way he communicates and expresses himself. Give the dog a break!!!
Angus is a 20 lb. miniature schnauzer and was a birthday gift from my stepmom and dad several years ago. {talk about cute...when he was a puppy!} Love you Bubby!



I absolutely love to find a "find", especially cool vintage finds that are actually functionable and not simply dust collectors {well they are that too, but you know}. I know I seem to be reflecting on cousins a lot, but cousins are freaking cool, what can I say!!!??? My other cousin, Cindy has the niftiest store called "Stock Exchange" in the little, teeny, tiny town of Viola. It is a consignment/antique/crafty/hardware/retro/coolest darn store ever. She works so hard to keep it fresh and always has new stuff. Check out the sweet ribbon / embellie storage I bought in the greatest retro aqua... in the words of Randy Jackson, "it's da bomb!" Okay the bonus part of this is the ultra huge glass container she threw in from her "private collection" as a gift. OMG - I'm loving it! My scrap space, although limited, has to be the greatest this side of the Piney Creek! :~)
We are going to hook her up soon with a blog for the "Stock Exchange" but in the meantime you can envy me for having the inside track to this awesome little place in the Ozarks.


fun little cousins

These little guys are a *total* joy to my family.
They are frequent subjects of my camera (it is obvious why). They are so cute and so much fun to hang out with. They are so different, but each has such awesome characteristics and personalities. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for their futures.

Jake is the younger one holding his guitar on Christmas Eve at Mom's {aka "Aunt Mimi"}. The look on his face is priceless. The older one, Joe was acting silly on his Dad's birthday. He is usually pretty serious and very mature, which is why I love this picture...shows he is simply a kid acting like a kid.

These pictures make me :)


another grad gift begins

Today i have started another P*B*A for one of the girls who has now graduated [friday was graduation] and I am just beginning her gifts. UGH! I don't like getting behind. I am going to have to finish her's and another friend before next weekend [they are throwing him a party on Sunday afternoon.] had to take a break and post a sneeky-peeky of Tiffany's album in the beginning stages. I think she'll enjoy it.


Upwords love

I receive several electronic devotionals in my 'inbox' everyday. I try to read them all and usually receive such a blessing when I do. {Amazing how God works like that :) } Anyway, I signed up for Max Lucado's Upwords which comes weekly and I continue to be blown away by the practical everyday messages that come across. Being a major dog lover I really enjoyed this week's which you can read here.

Sometimes I really do feel like Molly (the dog) when it comes to trusting God. What really hit me later is that in order to build trust with our 'canine kiddos' we have to spend time with them, talking, repeating ques, petting, and being close. DUH! That is the same thing God wants for us to do as his 'human kiddos'...wowza...it's really not rocket science when you break it down.

Have a lovely Saturday - what an awesome, perfect, glorious May-day it is!!!


Also wanted to share my mother's day gift from my stepdad - he's so great.


What a COOL horse! Hippy is part of our family and has been a great horse for Alex. He was so curious as to what I was doing when I took this picture. he just knew that camera was some grain! look at that wrinkly nose...how adorable! I really don't think that horse has a mean bone in his body. *heart* you hippy.



Okay, I have to post this, the latest in my odd encounters with wildlife on the road! This owl totally freaked me out last Sunday {Mother's Day} leaving my mom's at 2:30ish in the afternoon. I thought it was a 'roadkill' of some kind in the middle of mom's road. Low and behold the darn thing open it's eyes as I approached and swiveled its head around and flew up right in front of my car. I looked in the rear view, to catch a glimpse of Mr. Owl lighting in a tree right next to the road. Naturally, I had slowed down to a turtle's pace at this point, so I backed up and got the camera out and started snapping. It took a while to find him through the viewfinder, but I am glad I took the time to do so. Is he not a gorgeous creature!!!???

I love capturing these moments. Lesson of the day...ALWAYS have your camera ready! He will be a definite county fair entry this year!

I guess I should do some kind of little scrapbook about all my strange brushes with wildlife lately. I don't know if it's the odd weather we've had this winter/spring or what.


Grad gifts

I completed one of the gifts I am making for a couple of girls graduating this year from high school. This a for a girl whose mom I work with. She liked one of the P*B*A's I entered in the district fair last year and I thought it would make a perfect gift for her. The next one if for a girl I've known for several years. It will have a western/cowgirl/horse theme similar to one I recently sold on ebay. I'll post it when complete. I hope these girls can add their priceless high school memories to their P*B*A's and have a little treasure to look back on and share with their families. That makes me :)


Happy Mother's Day

My mom - the best in the world, by the way - and I on Mother's Day after church. What a gal! It was a beautiful day. I thank God each and every day for giving me such a wonderful mother. I am truly blessed.


Beauty all around

Whether I'm at the supermarket or my friend's farm, or even driving down the road there is beauty everywhere! I love to have my camera at the right moment to capture what my eye sees!

These flowers, although simple bedding annuals, just looked stunning to me.

I'm all about Nancy's peacocks. I have a ton of pictures of them. They truly facinate me. If you've never been around peacocks, please seek them out and don't forget the camera! The sounds they make - although a little creepy - almost a scream, I love to hear them. According to Nancy they are great watchdogs!

Okay, snakes are not the top thing I think of when I think "beautiful"...trust me I'm not hanging around too see how cuddly they are, but this guy was pretty cool looking. I have no idea what kind of snake this is, but the way he

went from black to tan was unique and the way they move is awesome. God truly is in everything...even creepy snakes! {UPDATE: This is a Coachwhip snake - so I'm told - and evidently very creepy and aggressive!}

Today is a gorgeous day. I look forward to being outside in the sunshine, even if I sweat! I need to after the super huge dinner I ate last night! Let me just say loaded french fries from Downhome in Hardy, in the words of Rachel Ray..."YUM-O!"


Blog Begins Now

How does one begin a blog...I mean how do you come up with a clever, profound "first" post for your blog? I have not a clue, so I have decided to just type something. Anything. How about a great photo? I have something in mind for this later, but it is hush hush for now. I did use Jessica Sprague's "dream-i-fy " effect . Pretty cool I think.

My main reason for starting this blog is to record my crafting experiences and hopefully connect with others who enjoy this {this being scrapping, photography, etc} as much as I do. Also living in the "sticks" it is hard to meet scrapbookers face-to-face, and the web is a great outlet for that I think. I also hope my family and friends - you know who you are! - can enjoy catching up on my fun as well.

I hope to build on this blog from day-to-day.

Whew, glad I got that first post thing done...the pressure was killing me!