I absolutely love to find a "find", especially cool vintage finds that are actually functionable and not simply dust collectors {well they are that too, but you know}. I know I seem to be reflecting on cousins a lot, but cousins are freaking cool, what can I say!!!??? My other cousin, Cindy has the niftiest store called "Stock Exchange" in the little, teeny, tiny town of Viola. It is a consignment/antique/crafty/hardware/retro/coolest darn store ever. She works so hard to keep it fresh and always has new stuff. Check out the sweet ribbon / embellie storage I bought in the greatest retro aqua... in the words of Randy Jackson, "it's da bomb!" Okay the bonus part of this is the ultra huge glass container she threw in from her "private collection" as a gift. OMG - I'm loving it! My scrap space, although limited, has to be the greatest this side of the Piney Creek! :~)
We are going to hook her up soon with a blog for the "Stock Exchange" but in the meantime you can envy me for having the inside track to this awesome little place in the Ozarks.

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