Beauty all around

Whether I'm at the supermarket or my friend's farm, or even driving down the road there is beauty everywhere! I love to have my camera at the right moment to capture what my eye sees!

These flowers, although simple bedding annuals, just looked stunning to me.

I'm all about Nancy's peacocks. I have a ton of pictures of them. They truly facinate me. If you've never been around peacocks, please seek them out and don't forget the camera! The sounds they make - although a little creepy - almost a scream, I love to hear them. According to Nancy they are great watchdogs!

Okay, snakes are not the top thing I think of when I think "beautiful"...trust me I'm not hanging around too see how cuddly they are, but this guy was pretty cool looking. I have no idea what kind of snake this is, but the way he

went from black to tan was unique and the way they move is awesome. God truly is in everything...even creepy snakes! {UPDATE: This is a Coachwhip snake - so I'm told - and evidently very creepy and aggressive!}

Today is a gorgeous day. I look forward to being outside in the sunshine, even if I sweat! I need to after the super huge dinner I ate last night! Let me just say loaded french fries from Downhome in Hardy, in the words of Rachel Ray..."YUM-O!"

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