Hey HAY!

I love the way fresh round bales of hay look when they are still in the hayfield. The pattern they make is so unique. It is weird that you take grass and cut it and roll it up and it becomes so valuable to those with livestock. I've never really thought much about it, but the person or persons who thought of baling hay were very inventive - pretty brilliant actually. I took a ton of pictures in the hayfield this afternoon and hope to use them for some scrapping. Here is another one of an old farm implement that belonged to my Pa Hutch and is still at the edge of this hayfield, for who knows how long!

There are many other pictures, but enough for now. I just enjoyed getting out with Mom on her four-wheeler and driving around the farm. It was a DIVINE afternoon! The bonus part was that this was my Friday...woo hoo, I'm digging these 3 day weekends so far. I think it is because I'm utilizing some time off and not working the full 10 hour days. Those are stinkers let.me.tell.you. It just makes so much difference to only work 9 hours - weird really what difference one hour makes. Anyway, back to this afternoon. I wanted to go see the hay and take some pictures and Mom was showing me stuff, like the plow, (which i have seen a dozen times by the way) but I had never photographed so that was cool. We looked at some daisies in the field, found some pretty yellow cactus flowers, smelled a skunk (yuck) and admired all her pretties in her yard. Great afternoon, definite SBing material!
I was actually wanting to do a challenge on One Little Word a new site that posts a word and you scrap it. Pretty simple rules really. The first word was "Go" and there were some clever LO's that I saw. I didn't ever get around to doing the word, but I really have something that I think I'll try this for this one, which is "Stop". {Clever, huh? Go...Stop.} Anway, I will be posting it when or if I get it done.

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