Okay, I have to post this, the latest in my odd encounters with wildlife on the road! This owl totally freaked me out last Sunday {Mother's Day} leaving my mom's at 2:30ish in the afternoon. I thought it was a 'roadkill' of some kind in the middle of mom's road. Low and behold the darn thing open it's eyes as I approached and swiveled its head around and flew up right in front of my car. I looked in the rear view, to catch a glimpse of Mr. Owl lighting in a tree right next to the road. Naturally, I had slowed down to a turtle's pace at this point, so I backed up and got the camera out and started snapping. It took a while to find him through the viewfinder, but I am glad I took the time to do so. Is he not a gorgeous creature!!!???

I love capturing these moments. Lesson of the day...ALWAYS have your camera ready! He will be a definite county fair entry this year!

I guess I should do some kind of little scrapbook about all my strange brushes with wildlife lately. I don't know if it's the odd weather we've had this winter/spring or what.

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