Angus aka 'bubby' or 'bub' or 'little man'

I highly doubt there has ever been a cuter/sweeter/loyaler (is that a word?) dog than this little sweetheart. I mean look at those eyes. Eyes that are full of love for his mommy (that would be me!) Anyone who does not have a dog is simply missing out on a blessing. Granted they are work too, they can be a pain in the bo-hinny at times and can destroy something in a split second, but the reward of their undying love far outweighs all of that. He is there no matter what...he doesn't care if I have bedhead or bad breath.
I've always heard this saying: "Dog is God spelled backwards." I think there is a little truth to that statement. God is there for us no matter what too. He doesn't care what we look like, smell like or what kind of day we've had, he is always there waiting for us, just like our dogs! I know it's a little far-fetched to make a statement comparing my dog and God, but it is a similar relationship. I go to work and, no, I don't totally forget about Angus, but I go about my daily life, and it never fails Angus is here waiting for me when I return. Same thing with God, at times...I go about my daily life and although I don't totally forget about Him or my faith, but just go about my little life routines, and when I return, God is always there waiting for me. Sometimes this can rock on for awhile where I'm away for days or weeks or even years, but He's there everytime, and although I've never been away from my dog for more than a few days at a time, I fully believe if spent a long time away from him, he would be there tail wagging, ready to receive my love.
Okay, I've rambled on about my weird analogy long enough. I was simply going to post a picture of Angus and talk about how great and how cute he is, but sometimes the oddest things pop into my head!
BTW, he is adorable and I love him greatly. Yes, he can be annoying at times with all his barking, but "hello" that is the way he communicates and expresses himself. Give the dog a break!!!
Angus is a 20 lb. miniature schnauzer and was a birthday gift from my stepmom and dad several years ago. {talk about cute...when he was a puppy!} Love you Bubby!

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