Upwords love

I receive several electronic devotionals in my 'inbox' everyday. I try to read them all and usually receive such a blessing when I do. {Amazing how God works like that :) } Anyway, I signed up for Max Lucado's Upwords which comes weekly and I continue to be blown away by the practical everyday messages that come across. Being a major dog lover I really enjoyed this week's which you can read here.

Sometimes I really do feel like Molly (the dog) when it comes to trusting God. What really hit me later is that in order to build trust with our 'canine kiddos' we have to spend time with them, talking, repeating ques, petting, and being close. DUH! That is the same thing God wants for us to do as his 'human kiddos'...wowza...it's really not rocket science when you break it down.

Have a lovely Saturday - what an awesome, perfect, glorious May-day it is!!!


Also wanted to share my mother's day gift from my stepdad - he's so great.

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