Vegas Project: COMPLETE (well, almost!)

At 12:30AM today (I say last night, but technically....) I finished the Vegas shirts, as I've lovingly named them. YEA me!! Today, I'm nursing my red sore, pin-pricked fingers. {It seriously hurts to type this!} This fabric was a beyotch to put pins and needles through. I'm most proud of that Swarvoski crystal zipper in Alex's shirt (didn't get one for Molly's). If you know how cheap, oops, I mean frugal I am, you know it's not like me to pay $35 for a zipper! But I'm so glad I did for this one.

I'm just praying everythings fits and works right now -since I didn't get to do a "final fitting" on Molly last night. We still have to add the bling to the collars and cuffs, but didn't get the crystals ordered in time and they won't be here till next week.

That little shirt of Molly's is so friggin' cute I can't hardly stand it! I can't wait to see her in it with her little black hat and black boots. The cute factor of my blog will definitely go up when I post pictures of her actually wearing this!

NOW, I have to get busy on the harder jackets that have all the appliques on them...but I have to let my fingers rest a day or two.

On another note, I would be remiss if I didn't formally add a big Happy Birthday to my Dad! It was actually yesterday....but I didn't have time to post (see above). I did, however call my Dad and he was ----now this will shock some of you ----- getting ready to go to a rodeo! Can you believe it!? {insert sarcastic tone here} :D

Seriously, I'm so glad Dad is getting to do this with Hadley (my littlest, little bro). I think it is fantastic and I know it tickles my Dad to no end to finally have a child who is as eaten up with roping and rodeos as he is....and he's dang good at it too!
Here is Dad with his brood: left to right is me, Hadley, Sarah and Kyle
love ya Daddi-O!


jeanie oliver said...

your dad still looks incredibly young. I didn't know that you had a sister. I see that you are doing real sewing. will the girls wear these for special horseshows?

*kim* said...

Thanks J! I will pass that comment along to the "old man"...I think he's a pretty handsome feller!

Yes, real sewing... still have another set of full suits to make. They will be boogers! They are in the Hillbilly Horse Show Association. We show pretty much every Saturday.